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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

What a weekend! We are pooped out! We spent Friday at a farm in the area. They have a little petting zoo and a hay ride that takes you through all of these displays that are based on nursery rhymes. It's really cute and it's the first time that I've taken the kids to something like that. We went with two of my friends from work and their kids. Granted, my kids couldn't really do anything and just sat in the stroller (until the hay ride...that was a little rough), but it was good for them to get out and see things. Matthew was teething BIG TIME, so he just sat in the back of the stroller like a little grouch. Hailey was all about it cute! Here are some pictures!
Here is the hayride...the kids both sat on my lap (hot, hot hot) and they really enjoyed it. Thank God they had stairs for this sucker and that I had a friend who was willing and able to take one kid as I descended. Otherwise, we would have gone head first down those rickety stairs! The kids were completely taken with the scenery and checking everyone out! You can see the display for The Little Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe in the cute!

Little Miss Hailey

Mr. Grumpy Matthew...don't bother me, but still give me Cheerios and water. Just don't make me look at anything.

Things I would have done differently at the farm: I would have brought a carrier, so that when we went on the hayride, I would only have to worry about carrying one of them rather than both. I'm sure that when we started to get off, Matthew got raked across his face pretty bad when I was trying to turn Hailey around. These things happen, but they don't have to. I'd also try to have another adult or a babysitter there to help out. This was on a school day when most people are working or in school, but it would have been nice to have another set of hands there. I felt so bad when my friends had to pitch in b/c they have their own kids to look after. I also want to get a side-by-side stroller. This thing is so freaking heavy and only one kid can get the full effect. It will also be easier in some ways when they're walking, but more difficult in others. I'm mixed about them walking...I know that some people can't wait until their kids walk, but I think that it will scare the shit out of me...they can go anywhere...and they're fast!

We had two barbecues this weekend...the kids did great at both of them. They are starting to get used to having older kids around. It takes them a while and sometimes they get overwhelmed, but they also watch them like hawks. It's kind of funny b/c I find myself making notes about what my kids will be doing soon.

Matthew is getting up on all fours now and rocking...he's going to be on the move any minute now. He does this weird thing though where he'll forgo his knees and make a triangle with his looks like downward facing dog from yoga! He's getting quite frustrated and I feel badly for him, but this too shall pass. Hailey is just loving life. She's still not on the move, but she will turn herself around in circles...that's progress! We have a busy week this week. We were supposed to go to BJ's today, but it's raining like crazy, so we're going to pass that along to Daddy. I'm tutoring tonight. We'll hit BJ's tomorrow and then I have to tutor again. I'm going to the graduation for my first class of 8th graders in Maryland...I loved this class. That's on Thursday and then my Mom is coming into visit on Friday. We're all about babyproofing this weekend and trying to make sure that none of our kids end up falling down stairs!