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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Checking in...

Matthew coming right for me and Hailey's new smile for the camera - I can't tell you how many takes it took to get one where they were both smiling. I'll overlook the fact that Hailey's eyes are closed b/c she still looks cute!

Just wanted to write a little blurb about what has been happening lately. People kept telling me that I would be busier and they weren't kidding! My Mom was in this weekend...she brought some really cute clothes that she and my sister shopped for. I don't think those two should be let loose in a baby store - EVER! The babies had a great time with my Mom though...they are really starting to open up with people and I love to watch it!

They are going strong on finger foods...chicken, ground beef, organic hot dogs (no nitrates), veggies, fruits, blueberry waffles (they love these), egg yolk omelets, cheerios - of course, all sorts of things! I'm really glad about this, but they're starting to refuse the baby food a little bit...when I say refuse the baby food, I mean spit it all over me. Especially my sweet angel, Hailey...when did she become so rambunctious? It's ridiculous...I say no (in my firm voice like I'm supposed to) and she smiles, and spits more at me. I've had several people over during lunch/dinner time who have had to leave the room because it's so freaking funny! I'm trying to remain as serious as possible to get my point across, but she's hysterical. Then, once you start laughing, she gives you this smile as if to say, 'I knew I'd get you.' She is really a character. She also dances non-stop...she shakes her little shoulders and her head bobs from side to side. I have to get a video of it...she's too cute when she does it!

Matthew is all over the place. His latest talent is sitting up from his crawling position. He tries to do it right against the couch though and doesn't understand why his ass can't find the ground...very frustrating! It's pretty funny to watch though. He's pulling up on the crib sides and doesn't really know how to get down. We set up the video monitor though so we can see if he's really in trouble (i.e. is about to hurt himself) or if he is just frustrated. The problem with the video monitor is that I find myself staring at him sleeping. He's just so cute that I can't stop watching. Then when he changes positions, Bill and I call each other in to see the new one...I think we're in love.

I am so glad that I have returned to coffee. I don't know what I was thinking coming off of it for so long. I know I had to during pregnancy and that sham that I called breastfeeding, but I do love it. I'm so happy we're reunited! Hmmm...what else? I'm so glad that Wipeout is back on TV and I can't wait for Big Brother to start...we're total fans of that. Facebook is still my #1 addiction and I need a new stroller. We're thinking about the Baby Jogger City Mini Double Stroller...a little expensive, but we do use it almost every single day. We want to side-by-side so that both kids can have a proper view. God, are we spoiling them already???, we'd probably be spoiling me as it's 20 pounds (that's right...20 pounds) lighter than the one we're using now! I need a break!!!