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Monday, June 15, 2009

Longest Trip Yet...we made it!

Okay, so from Baltimore to Philly isn't the longest trip in the world, but it is the longest trip that we have taken with the twins. They hung in there pretty well! The trip up was pretty uneventful. We left right after they had breakfast, so it was time for their naps anyway. They slept in the car and spent the rest of the time talking to each other and themselves. I'm pretty sure they tried to talk to Brie too, but she wasn't really into it.

We were going for my BIL's graduation party - congrats Drew! It was a beautiful day when we first got there...all of the preparations were going on and everyone was in good moods. Then, the sky darkened. I can't remember who, but someone said that it would probably just go around us...not to worry. Then huge raindrops started coming down. All of the chairs had to be stored. The tables needed to come inside. The tent was taking on water. The ground was rained like that for at least an hour. The funniest part (if you can find a funny part in this) was that the weather was on the television the whole time it was raining and they kept saying stuff like, "partly cloudy for the rest of the afternoon" and "it looks like that rain is going to miss us." It was too ironic. It all worked out though....we brought everything inside and hung out in there. I also felt bad b/c Bill's parents had all new rugs installed and now there was rain and everything else on them...they looked pretty good though the next day. Toward the end of the party, the sun came out, but the lawn was too water logged for anyone to go didn't stop the boys from playing 3 games of volleyball though. They can't stay inside the house for that long. Then it got freezing cold that night! The babies were passed around like crazy and even though Matthew was teething like crazy, his spirits stayed pretty high.

The kids slept well through the night. They were down close to their regular bedtime, so I think that helped. We left after lunch the next day. They did well on the car ride for the most part. When we were about an hour away from home, they needed some special attention (i.e. crunchies) and they were happy. I think they were hungry b/c it was close to their regular bottle time. I would have given them their bottles, but they still can't seem to master the art of tipping them back!

So, we're home now and in desperate need of instant babyproofing. Matthew is all over the place. Somehow Hailey is getting around when I put her on the hardwood floors. I'll leave her in one place to play with the animal train (they love that thing) and when I come back, she'll be in a different place. So, I'm not quite sure how she's moving, but she is. Matthew has since discovered windows, cabinets, drawers, stairs, name it! I think he understands what I mean when I say "no," but he tends to smile at me like it's a total joke. If I remove him, he totally gets it and cries...that's what I expect though. He's not able to do what he wants anymore! We're all pissed when that happens!

That's all for now. I'm off of tutoring for the week! All exams are finished and I think I'll try to pick up my summer schedule next week. I can't belive it's the last week of school already! Oh, and Father's Day is this weekend...I have to post about that soon. I'm a horrible wife, but an even worse bragger! I'll explain in my next post! Have a good one!