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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Today is kicking my ass!!!

1. Little Matthew is on the move. He's a nutjob! We need gates for the stairs ASAP, so Bill left work to go get them. He's a maniac. He found some random sippy cup (that I had completely forgot about - hello, DYFUS?) on the floor and was trying to drink out of it - GROSS!!! He gets totally pissed whenever I move him (like from underneath the new stroller so he wouldn't become impaled).
2. Hailey is an angel, but she wants to go and I just don't know how crazy I'll be when they're both moving!
3. They are eating like fiends, but starting to become picky...really? Eat what I give you and like it!!!
4. I got my new mini double...I'll take pictures later. I'm so happy with it so far and I haven't even taken it out of the house!
5. I'm on my second batch of coffee...I rarely ever make another pot!
6. I'm expected to go to the gym later on...who expects me to go? My abs...they're screaming at me b/c they're hanging over the top of my shorts! Haha...I can just imagine them screaming at me!
7. I need a vacation!
8. Matthew bit me...we got to the part of I Love You Through and Through (we read it every single day at least once) where the kid has a tooth and I always use this as an opportunity to check out their teeth. This also happens to be the only time that Hailey will let me near her mouth...she usually clamps down like I'm trying to stick a lit match in there or something...God, brushing her teeth will be sooooo much fun! Anyway, I put my finger in Matthew's mouth and he clamped down like a pihrana. Holy shit...I can't believe I spelled that right! I hurt like hell, I screamed, he smiled, I bled...thanks kid!
9. Last, but not least...Brie. Poor Brie. God love her, but she just can't get out of my way quick enough lately! I don't know what she's thinking, but all I do know is that she is in my way all the time! When I move left, she goes right. If I go to step over her, she gets up. What the fuck!!!???!!! Just get out of my way! Now, I have to watch the way I treat Brie b/c I want the kids to be nice to her when they learn how to treat things/people/animals. So, I'm trying to be so nice, but all of this frustration is just building up inside of me!!! I feel bad for her too though b/c all she's trying to do is get away from Matthew...he wants her so bad and she's had enough. I don't have the heart to tell her that his is just the beginning!

Whew...had to get that all out...what a little bitch-fest I've had...gotta go drink my coffee!