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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

No, I Don't Beat My Son...

In his recent travels, Matthew has been taking some pretty hard hits. He keeps falling right on his forehead when he's crawling. When he's not crawling, he's trying to stand up in his bed (which he does quite well), but on the way up, the keeps knocking himself in the forehead. He's a very handsome boy, but he has a line of bruises across his forehead that almost looks intentional. So, in case child services comes my way, now it's documented. I don't press my knuckles into his forehead, or use erasers from #2 pencils to make marks on my lovely child...he does this all himself. I try to keep him on soft surfaces, but he's off like a shot. I say "no" and "danger" and the kid smiles at me like I'm the funniest thing he's ever seen! Is this just a boy thing? Or will Hailey also mark herself up like Rocky Balbo.a?

My handsome little can kind of see the array of bruises from the past few days in this picture.

This one is a little worse...clearly he tends to fall on one side of his head or the other...rarely the middle. Thank God for small miracles!
Seriously? He looks like a prize fighter with this one! Yikes!!!