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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

To the best Dad in the world...thanks for letting us play with your face and not be gentle like Mommy does.
Thanks for letting us pull your legs hairs...they're just so cool!
Thanks for picking us up when we're crying.
Thanks for helping us get back to sleep.
Thanks for taking our temperature when you think we have a fever.
Thanks for feeding us well...we really like our food.
Thanks for taking us to the pool yesterday.
Thanks for giving us little tastes of the adult yogurt.
Thanks for letting us play so much in the bath.
Thanks for wanting us in your life so much.
Thanks for coming home early from work to play with us.
Thanks for taking us for walks.
Thanks for coming to get us in the morning when Mommy has the pillow over her head.
Thanks for making sure our house is so safe.
Thanks for dancing with us.
Thanks for letting us watch ESPN when Mommy isn't home.
Thanks for being there...we love you sooooo much!