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Monday, June 29, 2009


That could be used to describe my life right now or my exercise routine yesterday morning! Yes, I went back to spinning after taking 5 years off and my tookus is paying for it! I swear that it's probably bruised, but I am too afraid to look back there (or down there...whatever)! I am proud of myself though b/c I also took a Pilates class at the gym last week. I am determined to lose these last 10 pounds! I will continue with the Pilates class and the spin class (which is on the weekends, so that will only be when we're home).

What's new?
  • I went out to dinner with friends on much fun!
  • Bill and I have been able to get a lot done around the house b/c we've been home and visitorless (not a word...whatever). Not only that, but he's trying very hard to get to the gym during the week so that we can enjoy our time together on the weekend and do family things. We've been going for walks, playing in the kids' room, going to the pool, and all sorts of nice things. The kids love having him around and we're not as crazed.
  • Matthew has developed a love for the vacuum. Hailey has always loved it...she screams "ooooo, whoooo, ooooo" whenever it comes out of the closet, but Matthew used to cry. Lately, he's been using it as an opportunity to scream too, but in a good way! Today he was screaming, "yeeeeaaaaahhhh!!!" and then grinning like a fool when he realized it made me laugh. So, on top of the noise of the vacuum and Brie trying to steer clear, I now have two screaming children.
  • there any such thing? We're doing what we can to make this place as safe as possible knowing that it is impossible for us to keep an eye on two babies all the time, but they are finding the most random things! Matthew climbed up on the dog bed this morning (didn't freak me out too much b/c Bill had just vacuumed all of Brie hair off of it) and proceeded to crawl across it and fall directly into the inch-wide space between the bed and the wall. The bed moved (because who the hell affixes a dog bed to the floor?) and he was stuck in between. He is using the drawers in the kitchen to stand up, but when he loses his balance, he gets his fingers stuck. We thought about the drawer things, but the problem isn't that he opens that, it's when he closes them...what a mess! I think I put something on my Facebook status about my house being baby-resistant rather than baby-proofed!
  • The kids went with me to Acura today and stayed the whole time they were servicing our car. We only had to leave once and we went for a walk outside. Other than that, they loved looking around, watching people, eating Cheer.ios, and drinking water. They were awesome! It took an hour and I was really nervous, but they were fine.
  • I am going to start going to the gym in the morning and putting the kids in the day care at the gym. We have never left the kids with anyone other than family and one really good friend, so this is also going to make me nervous. I am sure they'll be fine though and everyone tells me to do it now before they get into the whole "stranger danger" thing. I think I'll like it though. It will give us some more family time when Bill gets home from work. It will give me a break during the day. I'll get my exercise in. I might even meet other Moms. The thing is, we're paying all of this money and I really need to start taking advantage of what I can!
  • Speaking of other Moms, I just don't know if I'm good at this whole "meeting" thing. I met a girl on a walk one time and never called her. I should...I still have her number, but now I just feel rude! I met another Mom (of!) at Storytime the other day and she gave me her email. What the hell am I going to write in an email to a complete stranger? She was nice though - even when she was trying to tell me how good it would be for me to start teaching my kids signing...I'm just not into that...or anyone telling me how good it would be for my kids. Haha...I'm such a bitch!
  • Hailey is not crawling yet, but she is going backwards like a champ...she's too cute!
I think that's it. We're going to start gearing up for our trip to NY in a few weeks...can't wait! We're also going to continue to go to the pool and get the kids used to the water. Hailey loves it...Matt is getting there! Take care!!!