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Thursday, July 9, 2009

What Is Your Real Hair Color, Anyway? (pictures below)

This is a question that I used to get from my students a lot. 8th grade curiosity is such a wonderful thing, huh? At first, I tried to use this question as an opportunity to teach the kids to be more polite and respect a woman's privacy. Then I realized that was a fruitless endeavor and would just answer them with a simple, "I don't remember." Then I really couldn't remember. I've been dying my hair for years endless quest to be blonder than I really am. I don't know when I first started thinking that I would look good as a blond. My two best friends in college had blond hair - one dyed big time and one naturally. When we graduated, we moved in together and all went out to bars and clubs. I guess it felt good b/c everyone really does look at a blond. The problem is, I'm not a blond.

The first summer that I knew my husband, my hair was waaaaay too blond. I have a picture of myself from that summer and I was tan, blond, and had a great body. Welcome to life at the Jersey had to keep up and it was easy b/c I lived 5 houses from the beach. A few months into my relationship with my husband, I dyed my hair brown. I liked it at first and so did the people around me, but I was miserable. I felt like no one noticed me anymore b/c I wasn't blond (isn't this the most ridiculous post you've ever read?). So, I dyed it back and was much happier.

Now that I have kids and realize that finding that valuable time to actually dye my hair (okay, I don't do husband does it...this after much convincing that him doing it would save us $110 every 6 weeks) is almost impossible. I can't remember the last time we did my roots and I am so thankful that I have taken to wearing my hair curly (the other natural thing about my hair that I fought for years...although I still love my straightening iron) because now you can't see the roots as much. The thing that has really surprised me is how many gray hairs I have sprouting up! I like to call them my sparkle which is another cover-up for how surprised I am that I can actually age. I thought I'd be young forever!!! I'll admit that I did earn a lot of my "sparkles" during infertility...the worry, doubt, and sadness that I experienced really sucked the life out of me mentally and physically. Then the pregnancy kicked my ass around. Now motherhood...joyous motherhood. I love every single day I have with these kids, but they are seriously kicking my ass!!!

So, if one of my insolent 8th graders were to ask me the "what is your real hair color, anyway?" I could answer is dark brown with gray highlights! I am all the hotness...don't be jealous of my gray highlights...everyone wants them!

P.S. - I will not be posting a picture of my family from the 4th of July because I look hideous (no joke, after seeing that picture, I apologized to my husband for letting myself go). I will post pictures of the kids instead because after all, we all know their real hair color!

4th of July Fun

Hailey feeling her new teeth!!!