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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sooooo much to do!

I am so excited...I am going home to Long Island for the first time since April of last year! I can't wait...I have so freaking much to do though! I am going to try to finish this post in 5 minutes...I think I can do it since I just have a few things to say.

Matthew is getting his 5th tooth...this kid is popping them out like crazy! It makes for some really fun times with him too...the crying, whining, inexplicable banging of his head on the floor...what a weirdo!

Hailey is trying her hardest to crawl...she just can't get over the front foot. I think she wants to be able to do it before we go to NY so she can impress everyone. She's so cute when she tries too b/c she gets all frustrated and throws her hands in the air.

Hailey can also do "So Big" now...absolutely the most adorable thing!

Bill is a little hyper about our trip this week...there are some family issues that he just can't get past and I just wish he would relax a little bit...relaxing is not his strong suit, so I'm hoping that being away from the house will help out.

Speaking of Bill, he sprained his ankle on Sunday! Man down!!!! I felt so bad for him...out for a run after a great weekend and someone just kind of ran him off the road. He was so pissed. He took off the last two days at work to rest it and stay off it only to return to find out he got a crap raise this year. He's not happy, but it did eradicate the guilt for taking 2 days off!

I have two more minutes before I have to finish this post!

I cannot believe how organized I have gotten in getting ready for trips! I love myself!!! Haha...

We went to a puppet show at the library yesterday...Little Red Hen was the theme. The kids were adorable and lasted for 1/2 an hour! Hailey laughed and clapped when everyone else did. Matthew spent his time trying to climb on me and to escape whenever the door opened. It was hysterical. We left a few minutes early and they took a great nap! Gotta love activities!

That's all the news that I have at this point. The house cleaners are coming today for their once-a-month-make-me-realize-how-dirty-my-house-really-is-session...thank God! I'll be blogging from NY...we have so much to do while we're there that I hope it still feels like a vacation! Wish us luck on the trip's 4.5 hours without traffic, but come on...we're going to Long traffic? I doubt it!

This post took me 7 minutes....I failed!