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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Vacation Post: Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday

Whew! I finally unpacked...I procrastinate like crazy when it comes to stuff like that. I rewashed a bunch of my clothes simply b/c I didn't feel like ironing them!

Friday: We left pretty close to our expected time. It was our first time using the roof bag, so we had to figure that out. Our trip was uneventful until we hit Long Island...we sat on the LIE for 2 hours. The babies were okay for the first hour, but whined and cried (we're talking sobbing, snuffling, snotting all over the place) for the last hour. By the time we got there, we were all wiped. Funny thing: Bill was getting frustrated at the wheel and asked me where everyone was going. I said they were going to the Hamptons. He said, "The Hamptons are on Long Island?" To which I burst out laughing (adding to his frustration) and made fun of him for a little while. We fed the babies dinner, hung out with the family for a little while and collapsed into bed. My Mom bought two cribs for the basement which was great, but any time you sleep in the same room as your babies and hear their every noise, your sleep is interrupted. We made it though...our longest car ride to date! She also had a whole play area set up in the basement which was great...the babies really needed it and the toys were so fun!

Saturday: My Mom planned a party so that her friends and co-workers could meet the babies and her family. Many of them followed our story through infertility, pregnancy, and babyhood, so it was nice to meet them. My aunts and cousins came down from upstate NY which was great because I hadn't seen them in a little over a year! We had so many laughs and so much fun. My sister and her husband were in from Boston too...I love hanging out with her...I miss her so much b/c we live so far away. She was on prednisone for a lupus flare and was pretty uncomfortable...I give her a lot of credit for hanging in there. She not only hung in there, but was sociable...two things that I would not be! The babies stayed up past their bedtime to hang out and socialize, but they were out when they went down! It was a busy day and a lot of wine was consumed! Oh yeah...the babies turned 11 months on Saturday, but I didn't remember to take my biggie...I took this one instead!

Sunday: Thank goodness for a slightly down day! We slept in a little bit - can't really sleep in when you have 11 month olds! It was so nice to have people around to help us out. It took a little adjusting to b/c we're not used to having people around, but once I got used to asking for help and the babies got used to being watched (haha), it was great. They loved hanging out with their aunt, grandma, and great-aunts! Everyone is just so entertaining! Bill and I took the babies in the pool in the morning. They loved it...Matthew is still taking a little while to warm up to the water, but once he does, he has the best time. Hailey is a little daredevil and just loves it right away. My Mom's friends who couldn't come to the party stopped by in the afternoon for a little while. They brought presents (reminder...have to write thank you notes) which was totally unexpected and were so good to the kids.

Monday: We got up early today, showered, and got ready to go out to my Dad's house to go on his boat. I was really excited for this. The one thing that I miss about living on Long Island is the proximity to water. I'm totally landlocked, so I need to smell the ocean every now and then! We got to the boat and it was a perfect day. My Dad was so excited to have the kids there. They were looking around like crazy just trying to take everything in. My brother came on the boat too and it was great to see him. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera that day (so pissed), but I think my Dad got some pictures on his phone that I'm hoping he'll email to me! The boat ride was great, but we had to put the kids in these life-jackets...something about safety? I don't know...what I do know is that they were miserable in them. Matthew finally calmed down and was staring all around until he fell asleep in Bill's lap. Hailey was so mad and finally calmed down as well, but she would cry if anything new came into her field of vision or if I moved! What a little diva! Once we pulled back into the dock, the kids were really hungry, so we headed to my Dad's house for a BBQ. We got there first and fed the kids lunch. Hailey hadn't napped, so I put her down in the PNP upstairs and Matthew had slept most of the time on the boat, so he was ready for a party! My Dad's friends were really good to the kids too. They hear about them so much and it was really good to show them off a little bit. Then back to my Mom's house, dinner for the kids, and to bed for them! We were exhausted! I have to mention that Aunt Manda was extremely helpful getting the kids around on that day...I think I may have to hire her as our nanny! Uncle Adam had a great time crawling around with was interesting to see him in that role b/c he was so good at it. He may have a future in early childhood...who knows?

I think that's it for those four days. Now that we're back, everything is all blurry. I'm sure more happened, but I can't quite recall! Off to do Mommy things before the babies wake up! I missed blogging!