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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Random Twin Stuff

This post is just about some random stuff that I've been noticing and that has been happening here in our household. I couldn't figure out how else to frame it, so it's just random.

  • Matthew is walking...he started out just taking one or two steps, but he can make it all the way across the room now. It's so funny though b/c he takes off and his bobble head is rolling all over the place. You expect him to fall down just because he's top-heavy, but he keeps his balance! It's amazing!
  • Hailey is getting really good at crawling. She doesn't like to do it on the hardwood floors, but is making her peace with the fact that if she wants to get anywhere, she's going to have to cross hardwood floors. She leads with one leg and kind of just lets the other one follow. She can pull up to kneeling, but not to standing yet. She's just not strong enough...she'll get there!
  • They are really playing together. They take blocks out and click them with the other kid's block. They show each other what they are doing or playing with. They share (sometimes). They are interested in each other and I love watching it.
  • They are also really fighting with each other! This is not so fun...Matthew is much more mobile than Hailey and she gets frustrated with that...especially when he tries to run her over. He does this quite often and as amusing as it is to watch, I'm sure it pisses her off. She, in turn, has taken to "biting" him. She can't do much damage right now since she only has two teeth, but the motion is still there and I don't quite know how to handle that yet.
  • They do try to show each other love. Matthew has his own special way of "kissing." He will move his head to your head, press really hard, and move it back and forth. Hailey hates it...I love it! Hailey just holds his hand when she wants to show him love. They hold hands while they're eating and talk a lot now.
  • Baths are harder. They both want to stand up and they both want to play with what the other one has. They love their baths though and I love to watch them interact at that time. They're so calm and adorable...just love them!
  • Brie has really started to get annoyed with the babies since they're moving around more. She has growled at Matthew (after he tried to get her new toy) and I didn't like that one bit. We're watching things very carefully...she is pretty territorial when it comes to new toys, so I am hoping that this is just a one-time thing.
  • Hailey laughs so much more now. I have worried more about Hailey since the whole "I thought I was breastfeeding, but I actually wasn't and your babies aren't gaining any weight" incident. I don't know why...I just thought she suffered more, but she is really coming along and some of my worry is subsiding.
  • We have so many gates in our house than when we go out and I can go through doorways unhindered, I feel like a fugitive!
All in all, we're pretty busy these days. When we don't have anything planned in the morning, I'm trying to go to the gym. I'm trying to do that more and more so that we have family time together when Bill gets home from work. It's working out pretty well. Yesterday was the second time I used the daycare and Matthew fared better than the first. We are going to Philly this weekend for my SIL's bridal fun! The sucky part is that my in-law's house got struck by lightning last weekend (crazy storms this summer) and I hope that my MIL/FIL won't be too stressed out. There's a lot going on for them right now. After the shower, we can concentrate on the babies' first birthday party! I am so excited for that too. I can't believe they're going to be one! I wonder if Hailey will be walking by then! Who knows???