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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Ugh...scheduling! (I hope this doesn't sound like a "poor me" post because I'm really not that kind of person)

I am trying really hard to do everything...I want to take care of my kids, entertain my kids, take them shopping, complete all of the household shopping, read to my kids, go to the gym, go to storytime, spend time with my husband, tutor 5-6 kids a week to make extra money, take care of the dog, meet up with friends, keep in touch with family, see family (that means traveling a good distance), and shower (I can proudly admit that I have taken a shower every single day since the kids were born except when I was sick).

So, every now and then, I let something slip!

I have always had a hard time scheduling my tutoring kids. It's so random during the summer due to vacations, summer camps, and now Fall sports practices starting. I try my best to communicate my schedule and schedule changes to DH, but sometimes I forget things. He also tries to communicate to me what would work best for us and sometimes I forget things. I try to write as much as possible down and have even started using small post-it notes to write possible good times/dates down in my book and sometimes I forget things. We try to talk as much as possible...we even had to have what amounts to a conference call yesterday when we both sat down with our datebooks and tried to "sync" our schedules. Unfortunately, I have more going on then Bill does in terms of actual activities. The most important thing to him is spending time with the kids, making enough money to pay the bills, and getting to the gym. How do people do this? How do you make everyone happy?

Answer: You don't...that's pretty clear. Since you're letting someone down most of the time, you end up beating yourself up because you aren't perfect. This sucks....WTF???

I don't know my purpose in posting about this. I hate getting into it with DH and kind of needed to get it out. I hate having to schedule around eight other people's schedules (including the babies and DH). I wish that my tutor kids would never cancel, need more time, or have life would be a lot easier. I really wish that academics came before sports with my students, but that will never happen. It's just frustrating and I was wondering if anyone had any advice of how they organize/sync things with their DH's. Oh, and I should mention that I DON'T want a huge calendar hanging in my kitchen. I didn't mean to leave him hanging...I just don't remember him saying what he said he said. I guess I should have written it down, huh?

Update: Bill wanted me to mention that he also does work around the's true...he does. That's another one of his priorities that he takes care of that I barely think of. I had to give him credit for that...or he would never leave me alone ;)