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Monday, August 10, 2009

I'm a bad mother...

You know those things that happen and you really really hope no one is watching? Well, we went to the grocery store this morning and the kids were great (as usual). We left the store, go to the car, and I turned the car on. I'm very conscientious of this b/c it was going to be sweltering today and I don't want to melt my kids...that scares me very much! So, I leave them in the cart at the back of the car, turn on the car, and proceed to unload the cart while the car cools down. I get back to the rear of the car to open the hatch and a mother with her son is walking by. She is VERY, shall we say, traditional looking...down to her clogs, jean skirt, and feathered hair...but who am I to judge?

I unlock the hatch and try to move the cart out of the way at the same time which is almost impossible to do b/c Matthew is trying to grab the hatch and there is this stupid car thing on the front of the cart that gives me no control whatsoever! Would you know it? The hatch hits Matthew in the forehead just as this lady is passing. She's staring at me and I say hello to her (because I'm a decent human being). She just continues to stare, so I say, "well, it's a good thing you've got a hard head because I'm sure that's not the last time that will happen." I say this sort of thing all the time...I just don't get freaked out about stuff like this because if I do, my kids will and he wasn't even hurt! She just kept walking and for some reason, she made me feel like a bad she had never hit her kid in the face with the trunk of her car! Wait...when I put it like that, maybe I am a bad Mom!

Haha...just kidding...I'm not!


This morning we went in to get the kids out of their cribs. Matthew was crying and really wanted out, but Hailey was still asleep. I looked into her crib and I couldn't figure out where her legs were. Turns out they were underneath her and she had fallen asleep on top of them. See, she's been having issues with sitting up in her crib and not knowing how to lie herself down. I guess she just got so tired that she laid herself right on top of her legs...just like a bi-fold wallet! That also means that she didn't move all night! I started to move her and thought it might really hurt (because if I slept like that for 3 minutes, I wouldn't be able to walk for the next 3 weeks!), but she just stretched and started crawling around her crib. She's going to be our gymnast...most definitely!