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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Gym Day Care...they're not getting used to it!

So, this is the third or fourth time that I've dropped my kids off at the day care at the gym and gone to work out. I feel horrible every time I do it, but I get over it pretty kids? Not so much! I keep my workouts short b/c I don't want to push it, but every single time I go to pick them up, they are either in one of the ladies' arms (crying) or in their stroller being rocked (because they were both crying). They have always been crying (Hailey isn't always crying, but Matthew is a blubbering mess) and then they cry even harder when they see me! What's that all about?

Am I pushing it? Should I not be doing this? Or should I continue to do this? Will they eventually get used to it with continued exposure?

It's just that they're so used to their morning routine with me and now I'm messing it up. I guess that's one of the problems about getting twins on a's really hard to get them off of their schedule. I don't know...I had to vent. I know that it's important for me to do this b/c eventually they'll be able to have a babysitter and go to pre-school without having complete meltdowns. It's also important because I need a break every now and then and I really want to lose this last 10 pounds (I've been saying that since December...something's gotta give!). It's important b/c if we ever want to have family time in the evenings, I've got to go to the gym in the mornings. I don't know...hopefully it will get better. I'm taking them again on Friday...this will be my first time taking them twice in one week. Maybe if I increase the frequency, they'll be okay with it. Can you tell I'm grasping at straws???

My one bright light in all of this is that I know they'll never remember this...I use that for a lot of the "trauma" that I put my kids through! Haha...I'm evil!