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Sunday, August 16, 2009

They're completely crazy!!!

Quick and cute twin updates:

  • Matthew is obsessed with lights. He could have someone hold him up to a light switch and turn it on and off for hours...I'm serious! He understands that if you hit the switch, the light will come on and it's so adorable to watch him look back and forth from the switch to the light. He doesn't know how to say "light" yet, but he says "dat" repeatedly...hysterical!
  • Hailey loves to put boxes into other boxes. She loves to put everything into boxes. We have these Meli.ssa & Dave boxes and they love them, but Hailey has a special place in her heart for them.
  • Matthew is walking like crazy...he walks more than he crawls right now which has made me realize that I'm going to have to buy them shoes this Fall. More importantly, I'm going to have to figure out a way to keep shoes on their feet...they're little hippy children!
  • Hailey is a biter. I don't know how to stop her, but I think we're going to have issues. First of all, in her defense, Matthew takes everything that she is playing with away from her...we're talking everything. He could be completely involved in something else, but if Hailey starts playing with something, he's going to take it from her. So, I could see why she would get annoyed, but come on...biting??? We're working on it!
  • They are both so smart. This is an awesome age b/c they're really starting to learn their way around the world. They have no idea, however, that the word, "no" means to stop doing something. I guess they think it means "continue what you're doing and don't pay me any mind!"
  • They're going to be ONE on Tuesday!!!
  • When you ask Hailey how old she's going to be, she points her finger and says "wha..." which I believe is "one."
  • They can both show me "sooooo big!"
  • We took them for their first visit to Toys R Us. They weren't super excited, but Bill and I had a good time. We got them their birthday presents which consist of a Tickle Me, a Fisher Price farm, a little pink pull along puppy specifically for Hailey, and a hammer specifically for Matthew. We also got them the cutest stuffed dogs...they loved them (see above)!
  • I have learned the magic of snacks. Not only are they good for hungry little children, but they keep them quiet for a few moments. I can get out and do things without being imprisoned by meal schedules! It's wonderful and they are so good at those little snack cups. Matthew likes to steal Hailey's, of course, so I'm not quite sure how much she's getting. I have found him with both of his hands trapped in the snack cups and not sure what to do about's hysterical!
  • I'm afraid that one of the naps is going away for Hailey...Matt still needs both of them. I can't have them on different sleep schedules!!!
  • Matthew climbed all the way to the top of the basement stairs yesterday (supervised, of course). I didn't even know he could do stairs b/c we never let him do it, but he climbed those things like a little mountain goat!
That's all for now. Pictures on Tuesday of their big birthday celebration (okay, the party isn't until Saturday, but we'll be doing our own thing on Tuesday)!!!