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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Happy Birthday (posting 2 days late, but give me a break, huh?) and lots of "lets not forget"

It was a great day!!! We had so much fun! Here is what we did:

We got up and played with balloons...those things are cool! Let's not forget that my kids have never played with balloons before today. I was petrified that they were going to pop one and have a nervous breakdown b/c they were going after them with their nails and their sharp little puppy teeth! With Matthew's noise sensitivities, he would have had a complete meltdown before breakfast. Thankfully, all balloons survived and are now covered with dog hair along with everything else in my house!

We got dressed in our birthday shirts...aren't we cute? Let's not forget the every time we ate something, Mommy made us take these shirts off for fear of them not lasting the whole day...a little OCD??? Maybe!

We went to the grocery store to get our cupcakes and we also got balloons. Everyone talked to us and wished us Happy Birthday! We were like celebrities! Let's not forget the when the cashier at the grocery store asked Hailey how old she was, she held up one finger and said, "wha" which I like to think means "one." She's a freaking genius!

We played with our new balloons at home. Let's not forget these awesome little clips that they put on the end of the balloons now. They clipped onto the belts in the shopping cart and even when Matthew (my little engineer) figured out how to un-do it, the clips weighed the balloon down enough so it didn't float into oblivion. I have seen many kids absolutely lose it b/c their balloon is gone, but my kids didn't have to worry about it (and I didn't have to worry about running through the parking lot like an idiot chasing a balloon that was already gone)!

We opened our presents from Mommy and Daddy...the wrapping was so fun! Let's not forget that Mommy neglected to buy wrapping paper and had to take the kiddies out to Kohl's to pick some up...they'll never remember, right? These were literally wrapped seconds before they tore into them...I shouldn't even have bothered!

We ate cupcakes...they were the yummiest thing EVER!!! Let's not forget how much fun this was. These cupcakes were sooooo good and Bill and I got our fill too. I never thought there would be so much cake in my bathtub, but there was at the end of this night.

We went to bed and slept very well...we are getting old and as you age, you need more sleep...didn't you know that?

It was an awesome day. I can't wait for their party this weekend!