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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Partied Like Rock Stars!!!

The cake...not the one they smashed, but the one for the guests!

Not so sure about the icing on her hands...thought it was gross!

He's always offering his cake to someone...what a guy!

Not so sure about the was pretty sweet!

I have no idea why he was crying here...he was pretty emotional.

Party hangover day...this kid never stops!

This was her new thing this she was proclaiming that Romeo and Juliet could, indeed, be together. She's a trip!

So, we had our first birthday party! It was great! My Mom and sister were in to help (thank God...I can't throw any more parties without their help) and Bill's family was here. My Dad got here after a hellacious trip from Long Island. Our neighbors all showed up and it was nice to hang out with them. Hailey and Matthew's friends all came to play and hang out for a while, so it was great. What wasn't so good was the weather. We were really planning on having the party outside since our house is definitely on the small side, but they were calling for thunderstorms and rain and we had to stick to the inside of the house. The best thing was the basement...the kids could go down there and play and act like animals without their parents worrying about them bothering anyone. However, a lot of people had to stand b/c we just didn't have enough seating and if you got there late, you didn't get a seat...those were staked out pretty early! That's fine one seemed to mind except me!

Matthew was in a horrible mood. He just wanted to be held the whole time. He has some pretty definite noise sensitivities, so I'm sure that all those people in this small space were bothering him. Hailey was fine...she sat with her Aunt Christine for a while and then with Aunt Manda for a while. She was usual. The tough part about holding Matthew that much is he is so damn heavy!

We kept the menu simple...hotdogs, hamburgers, salad, chips/dip, shrimp and cocktail sauce...lots of beer and wine. The babies had cake and Hailey manage to throw it all over the place...she would get some icing on her hands and then realize that it felt gross and the proceeded to wave her hands vigorously until it came off. I'm still finding it! After the cake, everyone wanted the babies to open presents. This was actually one of the more relaxing parts of the evening. The food had been served. Everyone was fed and we could just sit back, relax, and watch the kids open their presents. The other kids helped them out (since they think the wrapping paper is the present) and it was great!

They got some really great gifts and none of the toys was a repeat for what we already have (which is amazing b/c I could swear that we have half of Toy.s R Us in the basement)! They loved everything and definitely had a party hangover until yesterday. Today they're finally doing a little bit better and are less irritable.

We had their 12 month appointment with the doctor last week. Matthew weighs in at a little over 22 pounds and Hailey is 18 and a half. She's such a little nugget. He was surprised at her length...he actually remeasured b/c he didn't believe there would be such a jump, but there was. She's a string bean! They did the normal thing with their shots...there should have been 4, but we put one off (I can't remember what that was though). This was their first MMR and even though people get nervous about those, I can't worry that much. I trust our doctors and have to protect my babies from disease...that's my job!

That's all for's nice getting back into our routine, but I do wish my Mom and sister lived closer...we all need that female bonding. Oh's all good!