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Monday, August 31, 2009

A little off Target...

I was in Tar.get today for the babies' shoes (yes, I'm biting the bullet and accepting the fact that they cannot be barefoot for the rest of their childhood). I forgot how weird the world is when everyone else goes back to school. People are really weird! Other moms are weird (probably why I don't have a lot of friends) and old people are pretty weird too.

Case in point, I walked in and started talking to another woman who had twin girls. They were turning one soon, so we just made some small talk. I couldn't take my eyes off them...they were really gorgeous. She had another kid with her and I asked how old he was (I'm so polite). She said he was two and I proceeded to say something about how it must be so hard with twins and an older one. Then she looked at me and said, "it's not that bad...we have 8 more." WHAT??? I'd freaking fuse my knees together! Her phone rang and she answered it without so much as an "excuse me." I wished her a good day and walked away stunned...that makes 11 kids...that's crazy TV shit. Excuse my shock, but I could never...ever...ever do that!

Just not my cup of tea anymore...

Have you ever used a website that seemed like a great idea in the beginning? You found all sorts of ideas and support even suggested it to other people. It happened to me when I was getting married and when I was having infertility issues. I had a website like that in the beginning of the babies' lives. Maybe I just needed to know I wasn't alone. Maybe I was confused about so many things that were happening that I just needed a place to vent. Maybe I was delusional enough to think that there was a place on this earth that would help me rather than judge me. That's what happens when you're desperate and sleep deprived!

I took a hiatus from the website for a while. I was cruising along and feeling like a pretty good parent. When the babies turned one, I decided to try another forum on that website and see what people had to say. I wanted to know what I was in store for and I had a couple of questions. I posted an issue and boy, am I sorry I did!

It's not that their suggestions weren't helpful, but I was questioning my decisions once again. I was not only questioning my decisions, but my parenting. Now, you take one look at my kids and you know I'm a decent parent. I'm not saying that I don't have things to learn...don't we all? I'm saying that I'm not a complete idiot and I have good instincts.

Anyway, their suggestions were decent, but I didn't like the whole, "why are you doing this?" and "I don't get why you wouldn't be doing this" tone in some of the suggestions. So, from now on, if I do choose to go back (and yes, it is a choice), I will only read the postings rather than put my own up.

The other thing that bothered me was the lack of a sense of humor from many of the commenters. When you blog, most people know you're venting and trying to be funny...trying being the key word there! When I posted this, you'd think I was setting my children on fire...too serious!!! Lighten up, people!

Thanks for letting me vent...applaud me for not mentioning the website! I'm following my gut from now on!