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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Another successful entry into Kindermusik!!

I gotta admit...I love this class. We didn't do it over the summer b/c we thought it would be too hectic, but I'm thinking about doing it year round. They love it sooooo much! I was nervous about this session b/c it's right in the middle of their normal morning nap. Matt slept in the car on the way there, but Hailey just talked to herself. When we got there, I had to face the dreaded lift again...yikes! Now I have the issue with the side-by-side stroller that I can't squeeze my fat, ahem, curvy ass around it to get to the other door! It's one of those things where you get in on one side and off on another. So, I have to figure out my orientation better next time. I think that I'll have to back them in, reach over the stroller to secure the door, press the button from there, and then back my way out. I'll figure it out...ANYWAY (sorry for the completely useless tangent...these are things that mothers of one baby don't have to think about because they can use the stairs!)...we finally got into the room.

I took Matthew out of the stroller and he was pissed...he wanted to be in his warm bed at home. Hailey was fine (as usual). That's just Hailey...she doesn't really get mad. He warmed up after Miss Peggy gave him some shakers. combat the flu madness that will probably take over my life this Winter, they are assigning colors to the manipulatives in Kindermusik...we got blue. That way, if my kids stick them in their mouth, no one else's kids will have to endure their germs. It was a lot more casual last year, but still pretty clean...I give her credit.

Once the music started and the manipulatives started coming out, both of my kids were hooked. Matthew followed a couple of little boys around the whole time and Hailey sat by herself or with me and sang along with the songs (yes, she knows all the words...haha)! She's still not quite walking on her own, so she still needs me a little bit (thank God someone does). She loved the dancing and hiding the little balls that they give them. I believe she sees Miss Peggy (our instructor) as a singing goddess. I don't know why...I was supposed to be given that label...I'm a bit jealous! I hid a ball under the front of Matthew's shirt and he walked around like that for 5 minutes...never even looked for it! I guess he's used to his own gut hanging out there...why not something else? :)

Did I mention how much easier it is now that they're more independent. I believe the first class that I attended, I did so with 2 six month old babies...neither of whom could sit up independently for more than a few seconds...they were forever falling over and crying. It was craziness and I left there exhausted every single time. It is soooooo much easier now!

I'm so happy that I went though...they love it so much and get so much out of it and it really energized me to see them enjoying it so much. They were interacting with everyone (kids and adults) and were responsive to the music, instructions, and manipulatives. It is amazing to me to watch these kids grow up...not only physically, but mentally and intellectually. I just feel really lucky to be able to see this and participate in a program such as this. If you have the opportunity, check one out near may be surprised at how much you like it (and how it doesn't really matter if you're a good singer or not)! Plus, I'm getting a nice nap out of it now!!!