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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Our First Head Injury...with blood (bleh)!

So, I'm on the floor in our basement, reading a story to Hailey. She, of course, is standing up holding onto my hair for dear life. She's still a little gun shy on the whole standing by herself thing. Anyway, all of the sudden, I hear screaming from 5 feet away. Man down! I somehow extract my hair from Hailey's unwilling clutches and get to Matthew. Blood...holy shit...dripping blood! Actually, I didn't freak out. I was very calm and I would like to credit this to several months of knowing this would happen...the boy is a total nutjob and throws himself around our house like it's his own personal bouncy house. Someone should tell him that the rooms aren't padded (although sometimes it feels like they should be)! He also bruised his cheek on the way down. He wouldn't let me apply ice, but he did let me briefly clean it out with some cold water. Here is documentation of his war wounds.

So sad!

Barely rubbed away blood...poor guy!

I'm trying to have fun, Mommy...I really am!

His shirt shows the remnants of many tears and much drooling through the injury process.
He was wailing!

There he is! My smiley guy! He really tried to make the best of it, but had a rough day anyway. He'll live, right?