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Monday, September 21, 2009

Back to Reality, Oops There Goes Gravity...

Vacation is over and I am so sad! We had such a great time and being home is sucky! Okay, that's not completely true. I missed my shower and my bed, but other than that, I would have stayed at the beach forever. I don't have any pictures to post at this time b/c our laptop died while we were there and I need to figure out if I can download them to Bill's work computer or our old laptop. We'll see...images will be up eventually.

  • We went with Bill's cousin, his wife, and their son who is two. We set groundrules in the beginning that if you didn't want to do something, you didn't. If you had to leave, you had to leave. It was very clear that no one was going to get their feelings hurt if someone didn't want to do something...surprisingly, it went so smoothly. Our kids were on opposite schedules, so when their son was awake, our kids were napping and vice versa. Even with that, we were still able to do a lot together and a lot individually. It was great.
  • The kids loved the beach. Hailey would point at an incoming wave, laugh, and then growl at it. Matt was more cautious at first and was gripping onto us like a hurricane was going through! Eventually, he calmed down and realized that he was safe. We would bring him back to our area, he'd play in the sand for 12.5 seconds and then run down to the water again. Once he got there, he didn't have a clue what to do, he'd just fall down and cry. He loved to chase the birds too. Hailey loved to knock down my sandcastles and didn't really try to eat the sand. She got some in her mouth by accident at one point and looked at her hands as if to say, "Why the hell did you do that???"
  • We took our family walks on the beach almost every morning. I think we skipped one when we went out to breakfast, but we did walk to the restaurant. We also didn't go on the day we were leaving...too much to do! Our walks were some of my best times on our vacation...slow, private, fun, and calming.
  • For some reason, everyone thought my "banana song" was hysterical and felt the need to videotape it one morning. I stick to my guns...the kids love it and they get excited for the banana. Whatever!
  • Our kids got along really well. It was interesting to see how all of the personalities blended and changed. Matthew actually ended up being somewhat of a bully and now I think I may have to keep an eye on that. I don't think he was being malicious, but he tries to see what he can get away with!
  • Lots of pictures...I'll post them soon. For now, it's back to reality...Eminem...