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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I Freaking Got Stuck!!!

Damn lift! If you have been following me for a while, you'll know that Kindermu.sik is one of the activities that I do with the babies. I absolutely love it and the kids have gotten so much from it. The one part that I hate about Kinder.musik is THE LIFT. The class is in the basement of a building, so I have to squeeze myself and two babies into a lift that is maybe built for 3 adults, close two doors (one swings and one is an accordian door), hold the button through the concrete and metal while trying to keep two babies and one very claustrophobic mother from freaking out, and then finally extract us from the lift. You can read about my first experiences with it at this post from earlier in the year.

When I first started going, we had an inline stroller, so I was able to squeeze my ass around the stroller to close the door. Now that we have the side-by-side, I can't do that...we're really packed in there with about 1/2 inch of clearance on either side. I need to be able to open and close the doors (which are on opposite ends) and have really been struggling with the logistics. So, I used my vacation to think about this. Here is my plan:

  • Back the stroller in.
  • Let the heavy metal death door close behind us.
  • Reach over the stroller to close the accordian door.
  • Ride the lift to the basement.
  • Simply turn around, open the doors, and back us out of the lift/death trap.
  • Enjoy Kindermusik.
  • Repeat steps 1-5.
So, I'm all happy with myself that I've finally figured this out. I walked in and was chatting with another Mom on the way in and she helped me with the big door. I told her "I got it" after the big door closed (and it locks into place BTW). I proceed to implement my plan of reaching over the stroller to close the accordian door (the thing won't move unless this is closed) and realize that I have the arm span of Papa Smurf! I can't reach the fucking thing and I can't get around the stroller to save my life (literally...this couldn't happen if I had to save our lives). I start to panic just a little bit, but must maintain composure for the children.

I see a sign that gives a number for the front desk and proceed to dial it on my cell. The babies are like "what the hell is going on?" So, I'm waiting for the call to go through and it's not going through. I'm really starting to lose it a little bit now and start to hurtle myself over the top of the stroller so that I can unlatch the metal door of death and push myself and the babies out of this death trap. I manage to get it open a few inches and push with all my might on the back of the stroller...the babies probably think I've lost it at this point. I hear a lady in the office saying, "Hello? Hello?" and realize that I never ended my call. I explain that it's probably me and that I was stuck...could someone please help me? They were more than happy to do so, but how embarrassing! Oh well...I have lost a lot of my pension for embarrassment. You do what you gotta do when you have twins.

Just another adventure in our life. We're so busy this week that I feel like my head is going to spin off. Correction...we're so busy this month! We have one free weekend and I'm sure that's going to get filled up with all of the shit we need to catch up on! Yikes!!!

One more thing that I wanted to mention...I have a girls' weekend this weekend and I am so psyched. This will be the only night I have ever spent away from the babies...that's 13 months plus the 38 weeks they were inside of me. I think I'll miss them, but I'm hoping to sleep like a champ!

Correction: My husband pointed out that this is not the first night that I've spent away. I spent a weekend at my sister's house in the Spring. I stand corrected!!!