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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Girls' Weekend!

I can't wait...well, I can wait b/c I'm totally not ready, but I am really psyched about this weekend. I am going to miss my husband and my babies, but I am going to be able to hang out with my friends like a real adult! We're going to Bethany Beach, DE and three of my girlfriends from college are flying in tomorrow and I'm meeting them there after Bill gets home from work.

I have been so busy this week and haven't gone to the gym at all (except Pilates on Tuesday), but I am finding it hard to care! The gym is becoming one of those things that I could do without. Not because I'm suddenly in phenomenal shape or because I had plastic surgery that magically took care of my little gut. It's because there is so much else to do!!! Oh well...can't give it up now. Plus, I love Pilates and spinning...I just have to talk myself into the fact that I am worth the time. I also have to convince the kids that their nap schedule needs to work with my gym schedule. They're not taking too well to that lately!

So, anyway, I'm totally psyched to be an adult this weekend. I wish it weren't 3 hours away, but I can deal with it. I finally downloaded the pictures from our vacation last week and may even find time tomorrow to download them to the blog. We'll see...they're already on Facebook though...of course. Oh, and I sent them to non-FB family on So, I'm good that way, but I have 5 million phone calls to return! Next weekend, Bill has a bachelor party in PA and my Mom is coming to visit. We also have flu shots...the fun never ends! The weekend after that is our only "free" weekend in October, but we'll probably be catching up on all of the crap that we haven't been able to get done with all of the crap that we've been doing. The weekend after that is a birthday party in Philly. The weekend after that is Bill's sister's wedding...that's a long time coming and I can't wait for it at all! It's going to be great. My sister and her husband are coming down to watch the babies and that makes me feel so relieved.

I hope everyone else has a good weekend too!!! I know I will!