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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

October is nutty!!! (and poopy apparently)

So, the Girls' Weekend was great...Bethany Beach, DE is such a nice place to visit. I might think of moving there if it weren't in DE! I just don't understand that state...what is its purpose? Haha...who knows? It's kind of like Rhode Island! Bill did great at home with the twins. His parents came to visit on Saturday, so I think that was really good for all. He took them grocery shopping (the first time he's taken them our by himself EVER!!!) and was successful...too bad it was in the pouring rain! It really went well and it's so nice to know that I can leave the kids with their Dad for an extended period of time and not worry at all! Not all Mommy's have that luxury!

On Friday, I'm picking my bridesmaid dress up for my SIL's wedding. Then Bill can take it up to PA with him this weekend to get steamed and pressed. It's a cute dress...I just have to find some double sided tape for the top. Does anyone know where to get that? I'm a little nervous about how the kids will do with my sister and BIL here to take care of them...they've been more and more clingy lately and I'm not quite sure what to do. I know they'll be fine, but I just don't want to give my sister and BIL a rough weekend...we'll see how it goes!

We've been having some poopy issues around our house for the past few days. It's horrible...they poop and there is instant diaper rash. Our kids don't get normal diaper rash though...they get terrible red welt-y areas in their nether-regions that are impossible to get to heal! Our pedi even mentioned that they have very sensitive skin. Nothing in their diet has changed and they aren't showing any other symptoms, so I have to chalk it up to a virus and let it run its course. Hailey has started to get better, but Matt still has a bright red line on one of his cheeks...poor kids. Here's a question to all of you parents...when they start eating solid food, are their poops supposed to be solid? My kids' poops are still pretty mushy and I just want to make sure this is normal.

When I started writing, I really didn't know that I was going to talk about poop that much!

We've gotten rid of the Diaper Champ on our first floor...Matthew wouldn't keep his hands out of it (grossness) and it was really starting to smell, so that went out with the trash last week!

This weekend is wild (really? Did I really just write "wild?" It's anything but! It's crazy busy, but wild? I don't think so!)...we have a dinner party on Friday at our neighbor's house. We're bringing the babies and only staying for a little while. I don't want to be rude, but 6:00 start times are rough in our house...that's when we start to wind down! Saturday morning, I have to pick my Mom up at the airport at 9:05, drive back home, get the kids up and ready for their flu shots, Bill leaves for his bachelor party, my Mom and I are taking the kids to get their flu shots, and then back home again! That's more than I used to do in an entire weekend...much less one morning! I am growing up!

That's all of the randomness I can think of. Brie went to the vet for her yearly exam...she's 65 pounds now...she's lost weight. I wonder can't be because these kids are running her ragged, can it? She needs to seen an optomologist for a spot in her eye...yippee...more money out the door! Have a great week everyone and I'll try to post some pics...I have a TON!!!

When I reread this post, it is so disorganized...please excuse me for that! That and the fact that I'm going to simply mention it...not actually fix it!