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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Call Me Cheap...I Can Take It!

As the cooler weather begins, I find myself in a conundrum. Matthew is clearly in 18-month clothes. He's not there height wise, but he sure is there with the fact that I can't get him in 12-month clothes anymore...the kids is a total brick.

Hailey is another story. I'll bet that if I bought her 12-month clothes, they'd fit for a little while longer. The thing is, I'm not going to go out and buy her new clothes just to have her grow out of them in 2 months. She's going to be put into her 18-month Fall clothes and I will roll the shit out of her sleeves and pant legs. I feel kind of bad b/c they're really nice clothes, but the rolled arms and legs give her a vagabond look...not what I was going for, but it's out of necessity at this point.

What would you do? Get her some 12-month clothes to make it through? Or just go with the 18-month clothes knowing that at least she'll grow into those.

She is also making her way around the main floor in an interesting way. She is using the clothes hamper as a walker...actually, she's using whatever she can find as a walker. She's still too afraid to let go and try it herself. Bill and I have gotten a few independent steps out of her upstairs in her bedroom, but I can't get her to try it while it's just us. Some people would say, "why don't you get her a walker?" Good point, but she's only going to use it for a month (tops)! I'm not going to spend any kind of money on a walker if I don't have to. Plus, she'll get there...I feel like I'm getting a walker for free with the hamper! God help Matt if he tries to do it with her though...she gets so mad!

I think that's all of the things that I can be called cheap for today. Clothes and a walker (or lack thereof). I'm sure I'll think of more...