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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Random Thoughts/Questions For The Morning

  1. Do they actually hear my alarm go off? How do they know that I'm out of bed? Once I step foot on the ground, one of the babies makes noise, waking the other one up, causing me to go in there and put them back to sleep. Thankfully they do go back to sleep, but how do they do it?
  2. They're still sleeping...time for coffee and FB!
  3. Okay, enough screwing off...gotta get the kids up!
  4. What is it about Tupperware lids? Matthew walks around all morning clutching two/three Tupperware lids in his hands...what's that about? He just also acquired a FoodSaver bag...I should really get that.
  5. The jibjab video that my sister made is hysterical!
  6. Do they get sick of having the same thing every day? It's always a one-egg omelet, and either a blueberry waffle with syrup or jam toast. I alternate the waffle/toast, but are they bored?
  7. I can't get over how much these kids like milk...especially Hailey!
  8. Why are the curtains so entracing?
  9. Hailey just tried climbing into the Tupperware drawer...if she keeps up, we'll be redoing our kitchen long before next Summer!
  10. I make myself finish my vitamins before pouring my second cup of coffee...always an internal bargain with me!
  11. How did that table get all the way across the room? (Hailey is enjoying pushing things around the keeps her from having to accept the fact that she actually can walk, but just doesn't want to unassisted!)
  12. I just got my first double cuddle...that made my day!
  13. They love the vacuum.
  14. I really need to get winter coats for the babies...where should I look?
  15. I hate thinking about money.
  16. I'm glad we ordered their Halloween costumes last night.
  17. Can't wait to decorate the house...I can't believe that having kids has helped me to hate Halloween less.
  18. If I didn't have a dog, I wouldn't vacuum every day...that's right, every day!
  19. I can't believe I'm addicted to another game on FB! I'm a loser!!!
  20. How did that chair get across the dining room?
  21. Oh both pooped! And it looks exactly the same (TMI? Maybe, but it's crazy sometimes how they're twins down to the very last detail!)! Yuch...wash your hands!
  22. Why is the dog staring at me?
  23. I wish I had some extra cash to use that Ann Taylor Loft coupon I got in the mail...they're just screwing with me to get me in the store. I love that place.
  24. I think we'll do naps and then go to the later storytime.
  25. What socks will the babies wear today?
  26. Does Matthew look weird/gay/like a Raven's fan in that purple shirt?
  27. Oh God, it's almost nap time.
  28. I should read them a book or two.
  29. They love reading...storytime will be a good idea today.
  30. Time to go up for naps...Hailey first.
  31. Matthew loves to run away from me...what will I do when he's faster than I am?
  32. I love the blackout shades, but I wish we had measured more carefully...I hate having to wrap the curtain around the shade!
  33. I have to get rid of those infertility meds!!!
  34. What will I wear to storytime? I know this sounds petty, but I always feel like I'm wearing the same thing to certain outings and I just don't want them to think I have one "leaving the house" outfit! I just can't remember what I wore last week...wait, it just came to me. I can work with this.
  35. I really don't want to fold the laundry.
  36. Why is he crying? Lost his bink...what will we do when we try to break that habit?
  37. I'm glad my sister is back for our morning "chats" online...I missed her over vacation!
  38. I need to wash the floors.
  39. I should end this blog b/c I'm really full of completely random thoughts, but I can't end it on #39 b/c that's an odd number and that just can't happen in my OCD world.
  40. I need to fill my water bottle...I can't actually drink out of it until after storytime, but I need to fill it up. I can't drink out of it until after b/c then I'll have to pee and I can't leave them alone in the storytime room...that's just not right and Hailey would have a nervous breakdown. Matt wouldn't care...he's taken to sitting in other mothers' laps. Hailey would be pissed! So, no drinking until after storytime! God, my life has changed...I schedule my drinking now!