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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Time Suck...

My kids are still's 7:42 a.m. and my kids are sound asleep. You would think, what a perfect opportunity to get things done! Nah...I'll just sit my ass on the Internet. What a time suck! I barely waste time. I usually get things done. This Internet really sucks me in sometimes though and it is embarrassing.

Here are the things I could be doing (yes, I'd rather make a list about them rather than actually DO any of them):
  • Cleaning off the dining room table.
  • Getting sippy cups ready.
  • Putting away my laundry.
  • Making my bed.
  • Cleaning up the living room.
  • Putting the 18-month clothes away because they're obviously going to be in 12-month clothes for a little while longer. Those 18-month clothes are long!
  • Packaging a birthday present for Colin's birthday party this weekend.
  • Putting a coat of nail polish on my nails.
  • Folding laundry (I am really starting to hate laundry...the whole process...putting it in the bins, carrying it downstairs (just about impossible with all these gates), putting it in the machine, switching to the dryer, putting it back in the basket (without getting lint on it), carrying it back upstairs, folding it, putting it away). I know...there are bigger things I could bitch about...I'm just not choosing to!
  • Doing research on my sister's lupus treatments...another post will be dedicated to this (when I get her permission)'s killing me not to be closer to her!
  • Calling my Mom - she's off from school this week due to eye surgery...she had a little spot of cataract (kept calling it an "old people's disease") and they're also correcting her cool!
  • Working on the manual that I'm leaving for my sister and BIL for next weekend. I hope they don't think I'm a psycho, but I am! We have my SIL's wedding in PA next weekend and this is the first time that Bill and I have left the kids with someone else for more than a few hours. I'm a little nervous about it...not b/c I don't have complete faith in my sister and BIL, but because my kids have never been away from us for that long and they can barely handle the day care at the gym!!!
  • Returning emails to long lost's a wonder I have any left at this point!
  • Printing directions to/from locations for next weekend's wedding. We're leaving the "good" car with my sister and BIL so that they can cart the babies around. That means we won't have the GPS (I call her Natalie) to get us safely from location to location. That also means that I have to print out directions and follow them like a primitive person! Haha...I'm so spoiled by this GPS! I'm really going to miss it!
  • Figuring out where to buy double sided tape. I'm not wearing a bra with my bridesmaid dress (what a ho, right?), but I still want it to lay flat against my chest. I need that tape...desperately! I know I can get it from Amazon, but I'd still like to go to an actual store to pick it up...I need to get on that...right after this time sucking blog post!
  • Uploading pictures from yesterday...I sat the kids on their Elmo chairs and had them watch Sesame Street while I gave them their snack...I will post pictures later, but this laptop situation is fucking me up!
  • Planning for tutoring tonight...ah, I'll just wing it!
  • Windexing the windows.
I don't know why, but I love to write my blog posts in lists. I guess it makes me feel like I'm getting something done, but I'm not!

A note about yesterday's post...I was pretty bitter. It's getting more difficult (as everyone and their mother said it would) and I was in a funk...big time. Bill came home and made the night better. I think we were all pretty happy to see him...a breath of fresh air. Thank God he was in a good mood! If he came home in a shitty mood, I may have thrown myself right off the edge! Anyway, they do play together...sometimes. This is normal for kids of this age. Narcissism is the only way they understand. I am trying to teach some empathy, but it's hard b/c developmentally, they're just not there. For some reason that I am still trying to figure out, I thought that sharing would be intrinsic for my kids...they shared a womb, my boobs, a crib, and space since they have existed! Why can't they share? It's because they don't want to...I get it now! Oh's 8:05 and Matthew just woke up. They never do this on the weekend...I'm glad they're up. Let the games begin!!! Ding ding!!! Round 9!