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Friday, October 16, 2009

Really??? 38 degrees in mid-October? Ugh...

So, I've gotten a little taste of what Winter can be like with two crazy kids...I think I may lose my mind this year! I got it a little bit last year, but they weren't moving, talking, playing...they mostly just lay on the floor and got entertained. This year, it'll be a whole different story!

I took the kids to storytime yesterday in the pouring, freezing (okay, the temp wasn't 32 degrees, but it was in the 40's) rain. Everything went pretty well. We got in, returned our books, made it through storytime (although Matt stole all of the lady's felt horses that she was going to use to practice counting), chose some books, and got all bundled up to leave. We get outside and it's raining even harder. This is exactly when I started to curse myself for leaving the house at all.

I get out of the library and to the car and a huge truck is parked right next to my car. When I say "right next to my car," I'm talking 6 inches from my driver's side door. It's pouring. I'm getting soaked. The kids are probably thinking, WTF? I get Hailey in and try to figure out what I'm going to do next. Matthew is in his puffy coat (which is much puffier than I had anticipated) and there is no way that he's going to fit in the door even if I can squeeze the two of us between my car and the truck. Finally the driver comes out and offers to move the truck. I was thankful...still pissed, but thankful. After he moves his truck, I put Matthew into the car, load the stroller, and the guy proceeds to point out how I had parked perfectly, but the other guy had not causing him to park even closer to my car. I'll get into my nice warm car. Have a great fucking day...

I was soaked through...we made it home, got undressed, had snacks, and then the kids took their morning nap. All in all, I don't think I'll be making it to another storytime in freezing cold rain! We proceeded to spend the entire afternoon in the house which made me nuts b/c I refereed a lot of fights. It was a little better today though. I think Hailey is cutting a tooth which resulted in her not eating lunch...oh well. She'll live. Then I had tutoring and sushi/wine...that makes for a good ending to a damp day.

Another blog post with pictures is available here...these kids are nuts!