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Monday, October 19, 2009

I'm such a fake!

Here's the thing about me. When I had kids, I swore I wouldn't be "that Mom" who went everywhere in my work out clothes. I swore that I would still be cute and I wouldn't be "that Mom" who put her "good sweatshirt" on to go to the grocery store. Well, guess what? I think I was that Mom today...

The fact is that sometimes I would just rather an elastic waistband. Sometimes, I don't want to worry about sucking my belly in the whole time I'm out. I'd rather just hide it. So, I put on my new workout clothes and figured that if someone saw me, I'd look like I was going to work out at some point today...I'm such a fake! I am NOT working out today...I may look like I am, but I'm totally not!

Wanna know how you can tell? It's not the make up...I'm one of those chicks who wears make up to the gym. I don't leave the house without it. It's the's all about the boobs. If I'm really working out, I'll put a sports bra on and they'll be all squished and flat and unattractive. If I'm just "dressing up" in my work out clothes for the reasons mentioned above, I'll wear a normal bra and the girls will still look good! To break it down, flat and squishy = working out and round and pushed up = faking it!

I was trying to think of other things that I fake in a normal day...hmmm...I fake a good mood (for the children or the husband...whoever needs it more). I fake being nice to people on the phone (not friends/family...just when I have to make a business call or an appointment). I fake smile at weird people (some people just stare at my kids and don't smile or anything...just stare...WTF? They're cute...spare a smile, weirdo! It won't kill you!). I'm sure there's more...I can't be the only one...what do you fake on a daily basis!?!

One more thing: Hailey is walking more than crawling!!!! I have no idea how it happened, but her confidence has skyrocketed today!