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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Selective Discipline...Some Lessons You Learn On Your Own!

So, I've been trying to get Hailey to stop biting Matthew. She does it out of frustration and while it doesn't hurt (she's mostly all gums right now), it's mean and I don't like it.

Today, we were playing in the basement and they were both a little tired. They tend to get all spastic when they're tired, so I was just watching them. She was playing with the beads. He decided he wanted to play with the beads. He walked over, knocked her on her ass, and started playing with the beads. That was pretty bad, but what happened next was ridiculous.

Hailey was sitting on her ass, shocked, and she really pissed off...she wanted to play with the beads, God dammit! She opens her mouth and proceeds to bite him squarely on the ass! She held on for a pretty good while too. That was pretty bad too, but what I'm about to write either makes me the best or worst parent on Earth.

As she was biting him, I started to chastise her...she was really chomping down! Then I realized that not only does she only have little tooth buds, but he's also wearing a big thick diaper...the clincher? That big thick diaper was full of shit! Haha...learn your lesson, little girl! Needless to say, I didn't say anything...we'll let that one slide. Ah...making memories...nicknames, anyone?