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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Wedding Weekend Installment #4: Wedding and Reception

So, we get to the church and we're waiting in the rectory (I think that's what you call it) and Christine is getting all excited. Both of her brothers came back to tell her how beautiful she was and that they loved her (so sweet). There was a little confusion b/c we forgot what song we were walking down the aisle to...we figured it out. Christine was cool as a cucumber...she was doing great! The first chick went down the aisle and then it was my turn. I don't know why, but every time I walk down the aisle in a wedding (other than my own), I forget to smile. So, I have this dumb look on my face partially because I forgot to smile, but partially because I am trying not to cry! Weddings are emotional!

I get down to the front and completely lose it for a minute...I do this at all the weddings that I'm in too. Bill and his brother had to pull the runner down for Christine. She had given it to Bill to "figure out" the night before. Apparently he didn't do his homework b/c they couldn't get that damn runner down the aisle to save their lives. They ended up unrolling it by was actually quite funny and everyone was laughing at them. I regained composure just in time to see Christine walking down the aisle. The music starts and everyone stands up and I can't see a fucking thing! Helloooo people! Get the hell out of my way! I'm short and I can't see shit! Sit the hell down!!! Oh well...I couldn't see anything and had to wait for her to make it all the way to the front. Her fiance (I can call him that b/c they weren't technically married yet) really struggled to keep it together and did a great job. I love watching the favorite part.

The wedding went well...there was a soloist who did a great job. The priest screwed up singing Hallelujah which I found hysterical. I believe I actually started laughing because of all songs, he should know that one. The funniest part was that his mike was on! After they walked out and greeted their guests, we took pictures. The Head Father (is that even what you call it...I am religiously retarded) kept walking back and forth to make sure we didn't exceed our half hour (see last post) which was totally rude and then as we were getting ready to leave, he shut the lights off! Amazingly rude on someone's big day! Blah...they said it was because they had confessions starting at 3:00, but I called and left a message and they called me back on Monday and confession didn't start until 3:45. It was really uncalled for...and unGodly.

Let's see...we went to take pictures at a bridge that had all sorts of foliage, but the photographer got lost and didn't have a GPS. I think that companies should invest in such just make sense. Finally, the Matron got her back on track and to the bridge. I can't wait to see those pictures. Then we went to the Matron's house to take some more pictures and then onto the reception!!!

The reception was really fun...we walked out to "I Gotta Feelin" by the Black Eyed Peas...that always puts people in a good mood. People danced, drank, ate, and were merry. My FIL started his typical strip tease, but never made it all the way to the end. At our wedding, he was down to his wife beater (he really lets loose at weddings), but this time, he only lost the jacket, vest, and tie. We got to hang out with our favorite cousins and had lots of laughs...especially over Mary's flower. She was obsessed with it. Most people strapped a pretty good load on...I had a strategy though...alternate club soda with wine. You stay hydrated, don't get sloppy drunk, and are able to get up in the morning. It worked like a charm. I highly recommend it...

The car home was packed. We had a great time on that car ride...even though it was hot in that car! Lots of laughs. When we got back, we changed and went down to the bridal suite to hang out some more. I didn't expect to see the groom and Christine's brother in the hot tub having a dandy time. They were hysterical and will probably be sued because of the water damage that room withstood. Here are some pictures of the festivities:
First Dance as Husband and Wife
(although the priest can't announce you like that)

Bill, Nick, and Andrew...trouble tripled.

Mary and I...she's my BFF (Best Family Friend) because no one else likes us!

Father and Daughter dancing...very touching.

So touching that it had Mom and Andrew in tears!

Cousins...more trouble!

Bill and I...I believe I was a little toasty at this point. Either that or I had been laughing...they're both possible answers for the rosiness in my face!

What a cute couple!

All in all, it was a great time. Thanks Christine and Ryan for creating a memorable weekend! Hope you had fun on your cruise!!!