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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Really Quick for a Sunday Night During the World Series

I can't even explain how nice it has been to be home this weekend. We lost many weekends in October to fun things, but things that took us out of the house. It was so nice to wake up in our own bed, do what we have to do, remain in our schedule, not drive a million hours, and spend some time together. Bill put it best when he said, "I feel that I've missed a lot this month." It's true...even though we see each other and the kids every day, it's hard when you're trying to piecemeal your days together. We really got some quality family time this weekend and it was wonderful.

I will post pictures, but Halloween was uneventful (except for the kids looking adorable in their costumes). We scheduled their flu booster for 8:30 AM...we're such Halloween scrooges. We missed the neighborhood schindig in the process of them napping/recovering. They took their regular afternoon nap and then we dressed them. I shut off my alarm this morning (unheard of these days) and skipped my spin class (fat girl!) to lay in bed and listen to my kids wake up normally. Granted...the wake up process started at 4:50 (thank you Time Change People), but it was okay. We all had breakfast together, did household jobs, hung out, watched football, and had a great time today. I know that there will be many weekends in my future that are dedicated to family events, sporting events, sleep overs, homework, friends, parties, and other things that while we might enjoy them immensely, take time from our solid family time. I am cherishing these weekends and really enjoyed myself.

Did I say "really quick?" Yeah...not my forte! Go Yanks!!!!!!!!