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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Day #3 - I am Thankful for Kindermusik

I know...that's not normally something that someone gives thanks for, but it's really important to us. I have always had music in my life...with two music teacher parents, I could barely get away from it! I played five instruments growing up and all of my siblings have always been involved with music in some way. With music being such a huge part of my life, I knew that it had to be an integral part of the babies' lives as well.

I don't remember how I first learned about Kindermusik. It was probably some blog that I read somewhere. When we started, Matthew could barely sit up by himself and Hailey could just lie there. It was pathetic and it stressed me out. When we could, Bill would go with me because doing it by myself was just too hard. I could barely hold both of them for the dances b/c I was still weak from the pregnancy/c-section. If I laid one down on the floor, that one would cry. If I tried to let Matthew sit by himself for a few seconds to pick Hailey up, he'd fall over, start crying, and I'd be sweating bullets! It was stressful and I know people were thinking, "WTF is she thinking??" Either that or, "better her than me."

Now that the kids are walking and running, it's a different story. My kids are the life of the party. They walk around, say hi to everyone, play with the other kids, lovingly attack our wonderful instructor, and basically forget that we're even in the room! They're out little social butterflies. Today, Hailey was playing peek-a-boo with a little baby and being really gentle. Matthew jumped into the instructor's lap so that she could use him as an example...she loved it!

It's so great to see what it has done for them at home too. They love music, dancing, and any sort of rhythmic interaction. Any time any sort of music comes on, Hailey's shoulders begin to move and she's been working on her neck action lately too. Matthew isn't as good at dancing, but his signature move is bouncing up and down. They're adorable. We listen to the CDs during some meals and they love it. Watching them recognize the songs while we're in the class is so much fun. It's like they can't believe that someone else knows the words to my songs...they're not really mine, but that's what they think!

It has also given us a nice activity to do as an entire family. October was nuts, so I was going during the week. Now that things have calmed down a little bit, we're all going on Saturday mornings. It's great to watch Bill with the kids and see how they interact with him. It's almost like they're showing off what they have learned! Bill also likes it b/c he gets to see how they've grown. We're going to continue with this activity and they're actually moving up a level next semester! I can't believe it...from little squirmy babies on the floor to toddlers running around the room! It's amazing!!!

Big Christmas Present - DONE!!!

I am so excited about this...they have a kitchen in their bedroom from last Christmas and absolutely love it. This one will either go in the playroom or the living room...I can see them having just as much fun all year through! I can't wait until they see it! We're going to have it all put together Christmas morning. It's going to be so much fun this year!