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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Day #4 - I am Thankful for The Ability to Read

I know this is typically something we all take for granted. We read very early as children...I think I could read by the age of 4 or something ridiculous like that. I loved it. We went to the library so many times a week that I think we wore grooves in the road. During the summer, we would join the library's Summer Book Club and bring our papers every visit just to get our stickers. I would even say that we were those kids that read every book on the school summer reading list rather than just the two that were required.

Even today, I am able to engross myself in a book to the point of thinking about it when I'm not even reading. I read non-fiction if it's something I'm interested in (i.e. I spent a summer a few years ago learning about the differences between teaching girls and teaching boys...very interesting), but it's mostly fiction. Recently, I've been on a mystery kick and have enjoyed it thoroughly. I mean...who thinks of this shit???

I really hope to pass this love on to my kids. We have read to them every single day since they were born. Now, the bookshelf is the first place they head when they get downstairs in the morning. By the time we're cleaning up for the night, every book has been taken out, perused, and slobbered on. If that ain't love, I don't know what is.