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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Day #6 - I am Thankful for Wine

Someone said this "thankful every day" thing would get harder and it is. Not because I'm not thankful, but some of the things that I am thankful for seem trivial in the grand scheme of things. You know what though? So fucking what? It's my blog and if you don't like it, you can stop reading right now.

Let me just say that I am not under the influence of any alcohol as I write this post. I am wine free...willingly (can you believe it?).

I love wine. That being said, I am no kind of wine connoisseur (thank you spell check! I can't spell that word for the life of me!). I know very little about wines. I know what I have learned from working in restaurants, but other than that, very little. I have decided to list what I know about wine to prove that I am no poser (I just reread my list and it's more a list of what I like about wine rather than what I know about wine...again, not under the influence):
  • I like wine in my glass.
  • I like wine when I'm sitting on my couch.
  • I like white wine...especially on hot summer nights.
  • I like white wine, in the summer, out of plastic classy.
  • I like wine in most social situations (Kindermusik and storytime excluded for obvious reasons...and those reasons aren't that I'd be around kids and other's because I have to drive, silly!).
  • I know that you're supposed to drink red wine with steak and red meat. I do like red wine. I do not like the unfortunate stain you get on your teeth when you've had more than two glasses. It's a dead give away saying, "I'm a little tipsy and have no idea what an idiot I look like!" Smile. Smile. Grin. Grin. Lean. Lean. Giggle. Giggle. That's what red wine does to me!
  • I know that you're supposed to have white wine with chicken and fish.
  • I know that I love Voga Pinot Grigio and I mostly love it because it costs less than $10 per bottle.
  • I like to have two glasses a night...not one, but two. It's a little OCD thing of mine. I like to do things in even numbers.
  • I love to drink wine with my sister and my mother...we just get silly!
So, there you have it. All I know or like about wine. So, you might ask...why are you thankful for wine? Stay on topic, woman! I am thankful for wine because it provides me with my little oasis at the end of the day. I can pour that glass, sit on my couch, and watch my television all by myself. It signifies my finish...I am done for the day. I am off duty. My brain knows this isn't really true...what Mom is ever really off duty? My body, however, feels the release of the tension and relaxes into the cushions and appreciates that glass (or two) of cheap wine...and brain, body, and yes, my heart, are at peace.

Trivial? Maybe, but it's my "little things" are what keep me going every day.