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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Day 10 - I am Thankful for Panera

Okay, so everyone says that technology today is the best way to get good news (and bad) across. This includes customer reviews and experiences. I have a good one...thanks Panera.

We went to the mall today to get the kids their first pairs of shoes...they were so cute. Hailey went first and they salesman fitted her perfectly for her puny, skinny, little feet. Her shoes are adorable (pictures to come when I can get the kids to stand still). Matthew went second and got the perfect pair for his fat, extra wide, little feet! Let's face it...boy's shoes aren't that flowers! After the shoes, we decided to get something to eat.

We're not big "eat out" people and the kids have been in very few restaurant situations. Whenever we go out, they are great, so we don't have anxiety about it...we just don't do it. I think that may be one of those pitfalls of being in a "twin schedule." It's hard to get out of!!! So, while I ordered, Bill got the kids situated at the table. He was going to leave the kids in the stroller until I got there to help with high chairs. By the time I got to the table, there was a high chair already there and the lady was getting another one. That was sooo helpful! Our food was ready really quickly...we had barely gotten the kids into their chairs and wiped down their hands! I brought the food to the table and we proceeded to distribute the grilled cheese quarters and sippies of milk.

The kids couldn't have been happier. They were munching away and smiling at everyone. The women who clean the tables were great...they were the nicest Mexican women (not that it matters what nationality they were, but I love the fact that kids will "talk" to anyone whether or not they know their language, what they look like, if they're total scary biker dudes or look like hard core's amazing! They have no preconceptions and do not judge at all.) and Matt and Hailey were completely enamored. Every time one of these women would come near our table, both kids started beaming at them...Matt was flirting shamelessly. Hailey would try with all of her might to get their attention and it worked every single time. The ladies were so nice and accommodating for our needs. They worked around us seamlessly (even though with a double stroller and two high chairs, I'm sure we took up more than the average space) and were there if we needed anything. If we were done with our plate, they took it. If Matthew dropped something, they were there to pick it up. They were beaming at the kids as much as the kids were beaming at them!

By the time we left, both kids had eaten their fill. Bill and I had eaten. Everyone was happy. I'm not saying this is an impossible task, but I hear so many horror stories about people taking their kids to eat in public places and having a nightmare of a time. I am just glad that we were saved that experience. Our kids were well behaved. We accepted help and welcomed distractions for our children. We didn't leave a huge mess behind. Things were good...I am proud of my children. I am proud of my husband. I am very proud of the staff at this Panera because they anticipated our needs, met them, and were gracious in doing so. I am thankful for all of makes my life easier and anything/anyone that can do that has my gratitude.

Day 8 & 9 - I am Thankful for Our Doctor and For Jumping

Okay, so I forgot to blog last night about what I was thankful for...this is hard sometimes!

Yesterday I was thankful for our doctor. We had our 15 month appointment and we are doing great! Hailey is still a little squirt at 19 pounds 4 ounces, but Matthew is tipping the scales at 23 pounds...that's right...almost a 4 pound difference! It shows too! All of their development is on track and even though we were a little worried by the fact that they're not saying any words, he said he won't be concerned until 18 months. They got two shots and were little troopers. The reason I am thankful for my doctor though is because he is reassuring, calm, good with the babies, straightforward (while not being condescending), and available. Any time I have had a question, all I did was call and I got an answer within the hour. It's great.

Jumping? Yeah...jumping. My kids are trying their best to jump. It's so funny to watch them. Something that I totally took for granted is such a skill for them, yet they don't give up! It's hysterical. They are entertained by me jumping. They are entertained by each other jumping. They are entertained by themselves jumping. It's great and fun and I couldn't laugh for a more genuine reason.