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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Day #13 - I am Thankful for Getting Out on a Rainy Day

So, it's not always easy to get out when you have two sick kids. However, it is necessary...I was about to lose my mind!!!!!! So, we bundled up, covered our heads, and went to Kindermusik. I had to get out...I couldn't stay in our house one minute longer. This makes me dread the winter and the snow/ice that will seclude us to our house, but it also makes me realize to get out while I can. There are so many days just like today that I would have chosen to stay home, watch TV, and avoid going outdoors at all costs. Now, I realize that I should do it while I can and enjoy every minute of my escapism!!!

One more thing...I'm so glad that I started taking the babies out while they were young. They're used to it. I'm used to it. Hailey squeals when we go out into the rain. Matt tries to blow back at the wind as hard as it tries to blow him. It's really cute to watch them experience the elements and I'm not so afraid of it anymore. Granted, I need more jackets with hoods, but we'll rectify that situation!

Day #12 - I am Thankful for Kohl's

Seriously? Kohl's saves me sometimes...the ability to go in there and find really cute kids' clothing at good prices is great. The fact that they send extra coupons home and allow you to pay a fraction of your balance (should that situation arise) without incurring a fee. They're not like all of the other credit cards that try to screw you at every turn. It's so nice.

There's another reason is right down the street and even if the kids have a cold, I can stick them in the stroller and walk around Kohl's. The people are so nice to them and always say hello. The kids love looking at the Christmas trees that are up now and we played with the snow globes and the kids were mesmerized. They hold their merchandise and feel all important and special (which they are, of course)!

There is one guy who works at the check out. He looks like he's a mix between Asian and Hispanic. He has this HUGE afro and is the most soft spoken kid. Matt absolutely loves this guy...whenever he's working, no matter how long his line is, we try for him. It's just so's not like the kid is especially good with kids either, but Matt just loves looking at him. It's a great little escape and even though it's not the Target that I wish were down the road, it'll do for now.