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Monday, November 30, 2009

Update on the Babies' Development

Okay, so we've hit the 15 month mark and I haven't really been keeping up with what they're doing, so here goes:

  • Both kids are walking. Matt is running around the house like a lunatic while Hailey does her best to keep up with him!
  • Both kids are trying to jump, but they just can't get those feet off the ground. It's hysterical to watch them bend down to "prepare" and then just pop right up with no jump actually happening.
  • Hailey has learned that when she is done with her food, it is acceptable to give it all to Matt. There are only rare occasions that he will refuse food. She is definitely not eating as much as he is and has really gotten picky with texture. This has been frustrating (as they were both eating whatever was put in front of them), but we're not giving up the fight.
  • Hailey also learned to sip out of a straw. We had to stop at Friendly's the other day on the way back from our Thanksgiving visit to Philly. Both kids kept trying, but mostly chewing on the straw. Finally, right at the end of our meal, Hailey learned that if she sucked through the straw, she would get some milk. I think it surprised her b/c she promptly spit it all out all over her shirt!
  • Both kids can point to the following body parts - feet, tummy, belly button (Matt is obsessed with Bill's belly button), head, hair, eyes (they actually don't point at their eyes, but when you ask them where their eyes are, they blink like crazy people), teeth (often confused for knees), nose, and boobies. Yes, boobies. Hailey often uses her vagina as the default body part if we ask her something that she doesn't know. For the longest time, her vagina was her tummy...glad we're past that point. That would get embarrassing.
  • Both kids are climbing. We "store" our PNP along the side of the toy box in our living room and Matt started using that as his stepping stone to plummet himself into the toy box. Now that he's learned that the lid can shut, he does that and just sits there...quite proud of himself. Hailey is not as daring. She will sit on top of the PNP, but that's as far as she'll go.
  • They love playing outside and it's so much fun! They don't care if the leaves are wet or if they're stepping in mud...there's so much to explore. I'm kind of sad that I've discovered this now that it's getting cold again, but I'm sure they will be out all the time in the spring. I can't wait for them to see the snow and play in it too!
  • They love love love books!
  • They are disgustingly attached to their lovies...can't get enough of them. I keep getting dirty looks from Bill b/c Matthew's smells so bad from him chewing on it. I really need to get them into the washer!
  • They are both getting better at giving kisses. Hailey will now bring her head closer to your face when you're trying to kiss if she's deigning to allow you to kiss her. Matthew was doing the open mouthed thing, but he's getting better at making actual kiss faces and noises.
  • When I vacuum, both kids run around and stop only to give my legs the most vicious hugs they can before moving on!
  • Nodding has become a big thing in our house. When I ask, "do you want a drink?" their blond little heads bob up and down like nobody's business. Matt accompanies the bobbing with a emphatic "da" like a Russian man! It's hysterical, but they're really learning how to get what they want.
  • Matt's first word is "dog" in case you missed the last post. He has also taken to try to mount Brie in the process of saying "dog" 50,000,000 times in a row. She's not a big fan of it though. We've really got to keep an eye on that as he can get a little rough with her (i.e. trying to grab her face through her eye sockets, gripping her ears so tight that it makes her yelp a little bit...poor Brie).
  • They will walk in and out of Kindermusik with Bill and I. They'll hold our hands and take a million little steps to make it to their destination.
  • Both kids can climb the steps...however, Matthew likes to go backwards as much as he likes to go forwards, so that gets a little hairy when it's just me.
  • They are constantly surprised by the weather...they love rain and wind...probably as much as I hate it!
I think that's all for now. I can't believe I have left so much of this unsaid. For some reason, I think that every thought in my head comes out on my blog, but alas, I am not that talented! I really can't wait to see how they are with all of the Christmas stuff...they're already enamored by the lights outside!