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Wednesday, December 2, 2009


I am sooo annoyed that I can't get this video off my phone, but I'll relay the story nonetheless.

I went back to the gym yesterday for the first time in two weeks...sorry, I've been to the gym in the past two weeks, but Matt and Hailey have not because of their colds. So, we're getting better and I'm all set to go back to the gym yesterday morning. I was going to try to catch a spin class, but we were ready too early and I just decided to go and do a regular workout (as opposed to something that's going to kill my lungs and hurt my assbone). When we left, it was sprinkling out a little bit, but I didn't think much of it. We arrive at the gym and I decide that I'm going to forgo the stroller and have them walk in. I'm trying this more often to get them used to walking and holding my hand and all that shit.

We arrive at the Kids Zone and take off their jackets. My brave little soldiers walk right in without giving me another look! I was like, "great!" Completed 30 minutes of cardio on new elliptical machines (kicked my ass BTW) and started to finish my push-ups and triceps exercises. That's when I see her. I don't know where I know her from, but she's staring at me and walking right toward me. I give her a polite smile as I start another set and realize that she's really is coming right toward me...why? I can't figure it out! Suddenly, I realize that she's from the Kids Zone and I feel like I'm being sent to the principal's office! Anyway, I had to get the kids...they were inconsolable! The minute I got them outside of those gates, they sat down to have their noses wiped and hands cleaned. We got their jackets on and walked to the elevator. Now they're fine! Whatever...I was almost done anyway. We get upstairs and now it's raining...great.

We made it home and I put the kids upstairs for their naps. They slept for a while and then woke up in pleasant moods. I went upstairs and they're all happy and childlike. I love the moments when they first see me...they're so enamored with me and let's face it, not many people look at me with complete adoration anymore! Matthew is being goofy as usual and starts to "hit" his head against the crib. I say "owie!" He thinks this is hysterical. He keeps doing it...harder and harder. By this time, Hailey is giggling like crazy which only feeds his fire. He is now hitting his head against anything he can...and he's not screwing around. There was actually a point that I considered if this could do him any permanent damage, but he was as happy as a clam! Then Hailey joined in on the action, but she's not nearly as reckless as he. She would almost hit her head on the crib, but expect the same reaction..."owie!"

It was hysterical and to hear that unadulterated laughter both from amusing me and amusing each other is just the best thing in the world!

As I was writing this, I realized that I completely combined two days and two different stories! The gym thing happened on Monday, not the "owie" thing. The "owie" thing happened yesterday after Kindermusik when they skipped their nap even though they were up there for 45 minutes (hey, a girl's gotta eat!)! Oy! I am losing my mind completely! Eh...who cares...the accuracy of the situation doesn't really matter...just the memories, right?