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Monday, December 14, 2009

Brag Time and some Pictures

You know when you just get this feeling that it's a little too quiet where the kids are? Today, they were in the basement playing while I cleaned up after lunch...I snuck downstairs to see what mischief they had gotten into and they were quietly sitting on the floor....reading books! Are you serious??? They're not climbing out of the windows? Or watching TV after finding the remote control in a random location? They're not throwing their toys at each other? They're not trying to hang off of the paper holder of the printer??? Where did these kids come from?

I was also reading a magazine while they were playing down here...this time, I was downstairs with them. It got really quiet again and I realized that Hailey was putting the books away while Matthew was sitting and reading one. WTF??? How did I get kids this good?

They also put their clothes in the hamper before their bath...brag, brag, can hate me now.

I should point out that this is not always the case. At this very moment, as I am being a very good mother and blogging during playtime, they are ripping aforementioned magazine to shreds. Now, Hailey is bringing me every single piece, but they're still shredding it. I did give them "permission" before they started this very important task, but I really don't think that would matter. They do climb on the couch (when I let them up there) and Matthew may have taken a spill over the edge today...yes, yes, yes, I caught him. He's fine...blah, blah, blah. They are not perfect, but I must brag about what they do well!

Now for the pictures:

Wrestling for control of the stuffed animals.

Getting our Christmas tree!

A new obsession with the zippers on Daddy's jacket...weirdness.

For his Spring sexy!

Cuteness in a blanket...I just love this little smile and often miss it with the cute!