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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Poolside, visit to Papa's, and Hot Parks

So, I seriously think I need a photographer to follow me around...not exactly the paparazzi, but someone who would take a picture right when I thought it should be taken.

Here are some examples:

  • When G.G. was lifting Hailey onto the beach ball in the pool...they both looked so happy.
  • The minute I realized the kids and I had slept until 10:00!!!
  • The exasperated look on Hailey's face when I just told her to back away from the's like she's that Poltergeist chick...she's that close.
  • Matt's face when Hailey came tumbling down the stairs.
  • Hailey incredulous look when I ask her to eat a meal.
  • G.G.'s face when I make her watch horrible reality television.
  • My face when Matt calls me "Honey."

We've spent time in the pool...the kids do well in their floaty things, but they much prefer to "swim." "Swimming" consists of G.G. and I taking them around and around the pool while they tell us what we're doing wrong. Ahh...the life of a 2-year old!

We went to my Dad's house...Hailey has dubbed him Papa. It's really cute. There were tons of surprises there...lots of sidewalk chalk, balls to run after, hot dogs, birthday gifts, cupcakes...just a name a few. What a fun time! The kids actually napped there which allowed us to carry on to a visit to my friend, K's, house. When they woke up from their naps, they were kind of out of it, but they quickly snapped out of it with help from Uncle Adam (A-man) and some birthday presents.

Once we left my Dad's house, we were on the road to K's house. She has two kids as well and even though we were late for dinner (she had practically starved her kids waiting for us), she still fed and entertained us. She recently moved back to NY from Baltimore, so I miss her and her kids have gotten so big! It's amazing! So, even though our time was too short, the kids were shot. We waited for a passing thunderstorm and headed back to G.G.'s house.

The kids are doing well. They are overtired just about every single night and run around like nutjobs. I am waking on an hourly basis to soothe sleepy children confused about where the hell they are. Husband misses us like crazy, but is getting a lot of work done on the house...we miss him too! He'll be here on Friday though.

Aunt and Uncle will be here on Wednesday (TOMORROW!!!) for a visit. The kids will be so excited and we'll have more help in the pool and on outings...can't complain about that.

We're going to see Great-Nana and Al today (my grandmother and her hubby) and we'll see how the kids do there. We're going after naps, so that's always hit or miss. I'm hoping they won't destroy her delicate house...she has stuff in low places (is that a Garth Brooks song?), so I'll be on high alert.

Today we went to the park while waiting for G.G. to come back so we could go in the pool. Why do they make the slides in parks out of material that heats up like crazy in the sun? It's ridiculous that my kids get burned when they're trying to have fun. That's pictures yet...I'm so lazy when I'm home...something about being in your childhood home makes you revert to all sorts of old habits!!!


Deanna said...

Glad you're having a good trip! Forget a photographer...I'd kill just to have a pool right now! : )

Have a great rest of the week!

Manda said...

when you wrote that "aunt and uncle" were coming tomorrow, i was wondering who you were referring to. um duh. it's me and jeff!!! SO excited to be on our way...i feel like i've been waiting for this trip forever. haven't seen the kids in like 7 months!

andrea said...

i want a personal photographer too! if you find one, give them my name ;)

sounds like you guys are having a fab time

Barbara Manatee said...

how great would it be to have a personal photographer follow us around? maybe us MOMS would be in a few pictures with the kids then! ha!!

Denise said...

Hilarious that Matt calls you honey! Does Husband call you that?

CaraBee said...

Oh boy do I wish I had a personal assistant, who among her other talents, was a snap with the camera. Sigh.

My daughter calls my husband honey, too. It's awfully cute.

Amy said...

FYI - " ... I've got friends in low places where the whiskey drowns and the beer chases the blues away..."

Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

I would love to have someone follow me around too - to catch those moments. How annoying would that be though : )
So glad you all are having a fabulous vacation. And swimming in the pool, sleeping late - the best!

Meant to be a mom said...

It sounds like your having a really good time :)
I definitely agree that you should have a special tv crew following you around at all times. You entertain the hell out of me on a blog. I can't imagine how much fun it would be watch these things play out.

Why don't you get in touch with TLC and see if they can't get you a reality tv show or something :)

Twincerely,Olga said...

sounds like your having a wonderful time!!!:) stop by

Twincerely,Olga said...

I am your newest follower!!!:)