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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I Haven't Tooted In A While...

Not in a gassy way, but tooting my own horn...what were you thinking?

Today has been BUSY!!!

This morning, in addition to all of the daily Crazies tasks that must be completed before sending them off to preschool, I also made a beef stew, voted, tutored a student in Geometry, and went to the dry cleaners for Husband...all before 11:00. awesome am I?


Speaking of which, the Crazies think "tooting" is hysterical and always call each other out on's lovely dinner talk.

Then I tutored another kid during the Crazies' naptime (which we all know is sacred, but it's the end of the quarter and I'm just trying to get everyone in before their assessments).

Then I'll tutor another 3 this evening.

Back in the day, I never even used to shower until the afternoon on an off-day...much less cook, vote, or work.  WTF is my life becoming???  I'm a fully certified adult (I think...although I still think "tooting" is hysterical too)!

Hope your Election Day was productive and you took a moment to get out there and do your thang!

Speaking of which, did anyone notice the huge banner thing across Facebook today?  Do you think that made anybody get out and vote?  I think it would have guilted me into it once I saw all those fine upstanding citizens getting out there and admitting to voting.  If I didn't vote after seeing that, I'd feel like a complete waste of space!


angie said...

You deserve a serious pat on the back. That's what I call efficient!

Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

Did my thang and voted (that so needs to be my FB status : )
And yes, I just did a fart post for Say What so my mind was thinking it was about a fart - sorry but true!
That is awesome! You amaze me - can I borrow some of your productive energy?

andrea said...

toot away girlfriend! (okay, not really... well... nevermind....)

anyway - good job! :)

Mom said...

And to think I didn't you'd amount to anything as you sat in your place on the couch and watched hours of TV! Sorry, my dear daughter.

Danifred said...

*fist pump*

Barbara Manatee said...

you def. deserve a pat on the back! way to go Super Mom! (you made stew again? after they rejected it last week?)

I heard Adam toot in the tub tonight. Or I thought he ended up being more like a shart. Oh, who am I kidding - the kid crapped all over the tub and FREAKED out - like seriously screaming and climbing to get out - it was a struggle for 2 of us to hold on to him while I tried to wash him and Paul tried to keep him in the tub. I am surprised his arms are still in his sockets and he doesn't have a concussion.

Tami of the Twin Factory said...

Holy crap Barbara, I just blew milk out of my nose. And I haven't had a glass of milk in about 4 months.