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Sunday, January 3, 2010

So Psyched...had to share

Getting my new computer on Tuesday...that's right...this Tuesday!

I can't's all mine!

I can do pictures. I can do movies. I can do whatever I want.

My blog will stop sucking!

I won't have to go down into the freezing basement to upload pictures from the tremendously slow old computer!

I can't freaking wait!!!

Thank God for company perks and student discounts (even though we're not students anymore).,

I can't wait!!!!!

Thanks for sharing in my joy. Be prepared for better blog posts from me...I'm sorry if I've let you down.

Have I mentioned that blogging, reading other blogs, and actually commenting on them has become exponentially more difficult now that the kids are down to one nap? Have I mentioned that the kids are down to one nap? They're sleeping so much better at night! Okay, that's it...I really just wanted to share excitement...not talk about other boring shit!