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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I Have No Words

Seriously...there are NO words coming out of the kids' mouths! They understand everything...they follow instructions...they babble...they try to talk when requests are made. The only problem is that they aren't saying any 16 months! The pedi said not to worry until 18 months. Other mothers have told me that their kids were like that and then all of the sudden, at 18 months, it started and never stopped. Could they have that special "twin language?" If that includes slapping each other in the face, pushing each other, head banging, and biting, then yes...they have a special twin language! No, honestly, they do seem to understand each other and concoct little plans to drive me crazy throughout the day!

Disclaimer: I'm not one to worry b/c I still feel that they're basically on track. The fact that they will put their clothes in the hamper, bring me their sippies for refills, come to the sink to wash their hands, and take each other's dirty diapers to the diaper pail is encouraging. It's just that I want a little more verbal action. So, don't feel like you have to coddle me too much could make fun of me if you want! I don't care...I'm just venting about the latest thing to cross my mind.

I know, I know...I'm going to regret this when I can't get a moment of peace around here, but has anyone else experienced this? there a problem when I'm more upset that Nancy O'Dell is leaving Inside Edition than Oprah retiring...I think I'm a little f-ed up, no?