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Friday, January 8, 2010

Sippy Cups with Straws...Who Knew It Could Make You Consume Gallons of Water?

This morning I decided to pull out some sippy cups that I bought a long time ago. I wanted to see if they would understand and be able to use the straw part. Hailey was fine with it. Matthew screamed, cried, sobbed, whined, and banged it on he ground for about 20 minutes. Then he sat quietly with it for about 5 and figured it out. That kid is going to be a rough one, I'll tell you! Once they figured the cups out, they wouldn't stop drinking out of was hysterical. Hailey was especially connected to her cup and, of course, Matthew would have to keep taking hers away. We're working on that...we really are. So, here are some pictures of the morning and their love affair with their new sippy cups. The one problem is that I have no idea how to clean them and threw the packaging away over the summer. Oh well...guess I'll just have to throw them out and buy new ones (yeah Bill would let me get away with that!)
Mom, it won't work!

Yes, Hailey had to wear her kitty-cat hat from Halloween (which doesn't fit her anymore) and the apron that Alli gave her all morning...she's too much!

I love this sippy and I'm soooo glad that I figured it out before Matthew...I gotta win at something, right?

These are the three big bruises that Hailey sustained this morning. She fell in her crib, smashing her face against the side, when she saw Daddy this morning. I was completely afraid that she broke her nose or chipped a was bad. Then she slipped and dropped something near the Elmo table and when she bent down to pick it up, clipped her forehead on the table (right in the middle...between her eyebrows). She did that twice! She's really beating herself up today...who needs Matt?
Too cute...Matthew got this sweatsuit from his great-aunt as a Christmas present. He's finally in his 18-month clothes, so we have had a lot of fun with new outfits. Anyway, I told him that Elmo was on his tummy and he immediately started pressing on Elmo's nose. I realized that's what he does when he uses the Tickle Me Elmo Hands and he was trying to make his shirt sing the song...he's too much!

Friday Night...Leftovers or Emptying my Purse (or whatever that's called)

So, this is where I can "dump" all of my thoughts from the week. Here goes:

  • I did 70 pushups at the gym the other day. I want to add 10 per week, but we'll see. That happened on Monday...I haven't done one since. BTW...they were real pushups..none of that girly crap for me.
  • I do not like the temper tantrum sucks. It's only happened twice in public, but it's not my cup of tea. The whining, going limp, screaming, flailing arms, kicking legs, screaming, whining, hitting, red face, begging, whining, looking at me like I'm the worst person in the world, looking at other people like they're the worst people in the world...I'm over it and it's only just begun.
  • The only way we've gotten Matt to stop banging his head on the floor out of frustration or anger is a swat on the ass...somehow this is where we've ended up. Neither of us is necessarily against spanking, but does that really eliminate the other stupid behavior? It has so far...
  • Hailey has started to hit me in the face when I do something she doesn't like. At first, I would slap her hand away and say, "no hitting," but then I realized that I was doing exactly what I was telling her not to do. Now? Automatic tolerance. She "apologizes" which consists of her putting her forehead against mine, gives me an open mouthed kiss, and runs off happily after her timeout. They do not bother her nearly as much as they bother Matt.
  • I am in Lego hell...Bill loves them...I wish I never had to see one again in my life and it's only the beginning.
  • I can't wait to un-decorate. I am over the Christmas clutter.
  • Ugh...snow...I'm over it...ugh...
  • I'm pretty sure that FB thing where you posted your bra color to support breast cancer was concocted by some horny high school kid...probably one that I taught...pervs!
  • Youtube is kids don't watch a lot of television. They just don't like it. I do use Youtube though which is a miniature version of television. I use it in the morning when the kids are in their highchairs and I can unload the dishwasher without worrying that one of them will impale themselves or crawl into the dishwasher (as would happen if they were unrestrained). I play Sesame Street or Muppet videos and they love it...completely entranced.
  • My sister got me the cookbook, Deceptively Delicious, for Christmas. Hailey won't eat vegetables, so I was getting desperate. It works...I have made apple sauce muffins, meatloaf, and peanut butter banana muffins and they love them. So does Bill! Steaming and pureeing the veggies is kind of a pain, but worth it in my opinion.
  • My kids 16 months, they fight. Matthew wants (and usually takes) whatever Hailey is playing with and she hates it. Can't say I blame her...this has lead her to hit, bite, kick, and push him. She's one tough little cookie. While we don't condone violence, I'm not delusional enough to think that my kids won't fight. I think she's in survival mode and will do what she can to maintain her sanity. Matt is a bruiser and a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do, right?
  • I hate recycling...with a passion. Bill is the only reason I do it at all. He makes me feel guilty if I don't. I really hate it. All this crap sitting around and there no good way to organize it or get it out of my way. Granted, we're a little backed up from all of the Christmas stuff...that went out last night...thank God.
  • Bill is on the job search. I feel guilty that I'm not giving this the attention that I should. I am proud of him though. He's constantly trying to put us in a better position as well as make himself happier in his workplace. His current company has changed since a merger and he's sick of being lied to. I hope he gets what he wants and that it doesn't take too long!
  • My Nana is home...out of the rehab center. She's still in a wheelchair (although there doesn't seem to be any physical reason for her not walking) and says she's feeling stronger. A PT person comes to the house and they have someone else coming in to help around the house. It's so freaking expensive to get someone into an assisted living's ridiculous!!! I hope she continues to improve so my Dad can get a break.
  • I am this close (can you see my fingers? They're really close together) to calling for a Purple Heart pick-up. I need to get rid of these bags and bags of baby clothes. We're not having another one...why are we hanging on to these things? I do want to keep a few pieces, but that means having to go through the bags that I shoved this crap into in the first place. I'll figure it's just a space waster at this point though.
  • I have finally found the Google much easier than how I was following my blogs! I love it!!!
  • Got a text from my bare assed Mom (see this post) and she and her husband are getting divorced and she and the kids are moving to Illinois. I got this on Monday...they moved the previous weekend. It kind of broke my heart...the kid isn't that dynamic or anything...pretty apathetic (as high schoolers tend to be), but it's just hard for any kid to have his Mom get divorced (again) and move across the country without a lot of notice. I just feel for the kid...oh least I don't have to try not to think about her bare ass when I see her.
  • I love Supernanny.
  • I'm not getting any tax paperwork this year...does that mean I don't exist?
  • Apparently I had a lot of shit to get out of my head!!!