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Monday, January 11, 2010

So Many Of You Guessed Right, but Only One Guessed Perfectly...

That would be my sister...spinning is the activity of which I was speaking. When I started out, I was worried people would think I was talking about having embarrassing! People don't watch that though (thank God...they'd be waiting forever for the next episode!). Then I considered that it could also be church...that would mean that we'd actually make it to church and since my spin class is on Sunday mornings, that's been out of the schedule for a while. It's not that I'm putting losing weight ahead of God, but it's bad timing!

Is it me? Or is having kids tough on a marriage? Bill and I always get a little short with/want to beat the living shit out of each other around this time of year. It's a combination of the holidays being over, everything outside the house being dead and gray, and being cooped up more than we'd like. We run into this issue (nit-picking, stupid fights, blaming each other for everything that goes wrong) every single year and can't figure out how to deal with it. Take that and put it on top of two little ones who are into everything, can't comprehend that the word "no" means not to do something...not do it more, and who make a huge mess of our house on a daily basis and we're kind of screwed!

His main complaint is that I am forgetting a lot of things that we talk about. He's right...I am forgetting a lot of what he says. There could be many reasons for this. 1. I am keeping all of the kid shit together in my head, 2. I am keeping all of my tutoring shit together in my head, 3. We are talking while I am taking care of the kids, 4. I am freaking exhausted!, 5. I don't think it's as important as he does. The communication is definitely off with us and we need to work on that. The good thing is that we're pretty good at talking through our problems (as long as I remember to listen). The bad thing is that when the hell are we going to have time to sit down and talk? We need to carve some time out of each day to sit down and talk...face-to-face (I say this b/c much of our conversation during the day is done on the phone or via email...a lot lost in translation).

One more thing before I wrap this one up...for those of you who have your family close, even if you're ready to kill them, hug them. It is so hard to do this without any help. I am going to bite the bullet and call a babysitter...finally got a number, so I have got to get on this. The only thing that Bill and I do for ourselves is going to the gym. We don't do anything as a couple b/c we really can't find the time or can't fathom/don't want/are too damn tired to take the babies with us. The only times that we have done anything as a couple this year has been when a friend has stayed with the kids, when my Mom is around, and when we went to my SIL's wedding. So, those of you who have help or can turn to someone to cover the kids while you go to an appointment or run out to the store, thank your lucky stars...