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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Just Not My Day...

All I wanted on a rainy Sunday was some peace...did I get get it? No freaking way!!! First, I turned the alarm off and went back to sleep...cuddling and some talking with Bill was a nice way to avoid having to rip the covers off and face reality. Did I mention that I hurt my back by falling back to sleep??? Who does that?

Matt woke up and was yelling at us to get him. Somehow, Hailey slept through it, so Bill brought Matt downstairs while I showered and got made up (thank without makeup just isn't right). He was yelling THE WHOLE TIME! I'm talking screaming! He's too much...he wakes up and he's up-and-at-em! Hailey finally woke up when I finished my shower and was so cute looking all sleepy and bleary eyed. That didn't last long...the Mouth of The South woke her right up (most likely by shoving a lego in her face)!

Bill made breakfast and then headed out to get the grocery shopping done. I was glad that he was getting the shopping done, but I was stuck in the house with these two little lunatics! I should have just had him take one with him. I didn't though...I had no idea why!

I tried to make the mozzarella sticks from Deceptively Delicious...they looked deceptively like dog shit! See picture below...really? That's what fucking mozzarella sticks look like? It looks like a huge zit was squeezed into my pan! WTF??? Gross...I hate you Jerry Seinfeld's wife!

What they are supposed to look like (excuse the glare...the anger that was seething inside of me prevented me from taking a picture where it didn't look like the sun was shining from the homemade ketchup that appears on the page)!
My zit-y mozzarella sticks...blobs...messes...cow patties...dung piles...mine suck

Bill came home from grocery shopping and we put everything away amidst two very inquisitive little toddlers who wanted to taste everything, but liked nothing. Hailey proceeded to eat Bill's entire yogurt (probably b/c she ate like shit at breakfast) and the Bill left to go to the gym. He asked me repeatedly if I was sure that he could go...I kept telling him yes. I was soooooo wrong!

Matthew proceeded to cry for the entire time that Bill was gone! He cried when I left the room. He cried when I put him down. He cried when I was tickling him. OMG...what is wrong with him? All I wanted to do was puree my carrots and straighten my hair and get dressed for tutoring (all activities that I do on non-weekend days without a problem). Nope...he wasn't having it!

By the time Bill got home, the kids were in their high chairs, NOT eating what I prepared for lunch. I went upstairs exclaiming with all of the drama I had that I was DONE and that he could finish lunch. I then changed, packed my bag, and walked out the door...sweet salvation!!! I walked out that door right into cold rain...awesome. Did I mention this is the precise moment that I decided Booger King would be the right place to have lunch? Yeah...carb restriction...take that! It wasn't pretty and it was complete emotional overeating and it was awesome!!!! I didn't have any regrets until I entered that meal into my daily calorie counter...s.c.a.r.y!!!

Tutoring went fine...did you know that people actually wait for the library to open? There were people at the doors waiting to come in...I was shocked. One of my kids didn't show up (again...just not my day), but Mom did say she'd pay me...DAMN RIGHT YOU WILL PAY ME!!! Haha...j/k. I was able to catch up on my internet crap at the library (but was too embarrassed to harvest my Farmville crops in public)!

Once got home, things were good. Bill was cooking dinner for the kids. They were in better moods. Bill was thankful to have me home. He allowed me to cry (sometimes I just need someone to tell me that it's okay to cry before I do it). That made me feel a lot better...the kids were looking at me like I was nuts as huge tears ran down my face. That only lasted for a few minutes (thank God) and then I felt better. back still hurts, but things could be a lot worse! Now we're watching the Golden Globes and I'm listening to Bill exclaim how hot each woman is, but still able to find flaws in all of them. Gotta love it!!!