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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hmmm, so, umm, yeah...

I may be seriously starting to look into adoption. Bill and I were talking about it the other night (we've talked about it before) and with all of the talk about the kids in Haiti, it may be something to consider. We're in the very preliminary stages (as it seems so confusing from a foreign country where you don't understand the language) and it's a little overwhelming. So, as is my style, I must list it out:

Why we would do it:
  • It would help a child who has no one.
  • It just seems like the right thing to do.
  • I am willing to take an older kid...not set on an infant.
  • We really believe we could give a child a safe, comfortable, happy home.
Why we would not do it:
  • I have no idea how much money this could be and we're not exactly swimming in it.
  • It would definitely change our family dynamic and things are pretty good right now.
  • We'd have to buy a mini-van (shallow, ain't I?).
  • The twin bond is pretty strong and I wouldn't want another child to feel left out or different...there is a lot that comes with being adopted and am I really qualified to deal with that?
Thoughts? Opinions? Experiences? I usually don't ask for those things, but I am really torn by this. I am a little hesitant because of how much time it could take too...who knows where we'll be in 24 months? I am also hesitant because of how unfamiliar I am with the whole adoption process...who do you trust? Which agency can you work with? Do you have to have a lawyer? Can we handle raising another child? When you look at the cost of raising a kid over their lifetime, it really makes you think. Hmmm, so, umm, yeah...a little conflicted am I?