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Friday, January 22, 2010

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder in it real?

Here are reasons why my kids could potentially be diagnosed:

  • I was chasing Matthew this morning in anticipation of changing yet another shit diaper...lucky me, right? He was running away from me as quickly as those chubby little legs can carry him (carrying an empty Motrin box...this kid always needs something in his hands) when all of the sudden, he stopped dead in his tracks. What could catch his eye that he would risk be caught by the Evil Diaper Changer? The pantry door was ajar and he had to fix it immediately. REALLY???
  • We only have two cabinet locks in our kitchen. One to the chemicals and one to the ridiculously heavy pots and pans. If, God forbid, one of them is left off, we hear about it. They stand in front of the cabinet, point, and yell at the top of their lungs! Hailey wouldn't eat her breakfast the other morning until I put the lock back on...she could see it from her high chair! Gimme a break kid! It was a mistake!!! Ever heard of that???
  • We had guests in our home over the holidays. Whenever guests enter the picture, things aren't done exactly as we would do them and that's's a time to be flexible and "fix" things without a spoken word. That is, unless you have the OCD twins. If someone happened to leave the bathroom door open (which is usually closed b/c I really really don't want to get those stupid locks on my toilet b/c there are just too many close calls), they would stand outside the bathroom, point, and yell at us to close the door. A lot of kids would try to sneak in and make some mischief...unroll the toilet paper, swim in the toilet, find out what is hiding in those cabinets, try to get the grout out of the grooves...not our Goody Two Shoes twins...they tattle on the person who left the door open.
  • When we come home from an errand, I bring one in at a time. Said child then has approximately 60-90 seconds in the house alone while I guide the other inside (just enough time to case the joint and find the error of my ways). During this time, it is usually found that Brie's bowls have been left down. Enter said child, standing in front of the bowls, pointing, and shouting at me that yet another mistake has been made in their World of Perfection!
  • Drawers must be closed. Clothes cannot be hanging out of all. Doors must be shut tight. The refrigerator must be closed as soon as you have your items (or before if you live in my turn your back for one minute...)! Diapers are put into the diaper pail/garbage as soon as I wrap them up...not by me, but by the sibling that isn't being changed. As soon as clothes come off, they're put in the hamper. If there is a drop of milk or a crumb on the floor, it is quickly pointed out and I am expected to take care of it tout suite!
Now listen, I'm not complaining one single bit. I am thoroughly entertained by the fact that my kids know how things should be and are not afraid to call me out! Does it just make me feel a tad more inadequate after a long day of pointing out my own mistakes? Sometimes, but I've learned that they are only doing this because of how observant they are. They know how things should be. I am desperately hoping that they are not the children who can't have anything out of place and who organize their toys with the precision of a brain surgeon. I hope they are the kind of kids who can go with the flow and deal well with change. I don't want my kid to be the kid who wets his/her pants and suffers a panic attack in pre-school when the time of their recess changes.

Now, some of you are thinking, is it really possible to diagnose a child with OCD at such a young age? I think it is sometimes (if I remember correctly from psych undergrad), but those are the kids who really do throw fits if things change...the kids who line their toys up me, those are not my kids. I just find it humorous that they are so intent on pointing out my failures! Haha...thanks kids!