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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Pretty Sure My Kids Are Trying To Kill Me...Slowly...

Okay, I've had it. They keep waking up in the middle of the night and we keep going to put them back to sleep. I was like a fucking jack-in-the-box last night and I'm done!!!!!! There is nothing wrong with them. All we do is lay them back down, put a bink in their mouth, make sure they have their lovey, cover them up, and leave. However, as stated earlier, I'm done. Here are the reasons (okay, they're really...excuses) we keep going in:

  • We had company...don't want to repeatedly wake our houseguests for no apparent reason (plus, they'll think we're mean if we ignore our kids).
  • They were sick...I really do believe this is a valid time to check on them.
  • Bill has an interview in the morning...okay, he needs to be sharp.
  • I'm afraid that one will wake the other and it will be complete mayhem...completely rational thought at 2:45 AM. (Although as history shows, the sleeping baby typically stays asleep)
  • Teething...does it ever end when you have two babies???
  • I am just so fucking tired that I want to quiet the child and return to my slumber as soon as possible (following by throwing the warm covers off, shuffling to the babies' room, groping around for the bink/lovey/blanket/child, taking care of business, and leaving as quickly and as quietly as possible to get back into bed...shit, I'm wide awake now.
  • You can blame my sister for this next one...when they babysat in October, she told me that her favorite time was when she had to go in to take care of them in the middle of the night. Since then, I've realized how cute and helpless they really are. I know they won't be like this forever and it really it cute how all they need is my hand on their back to fall back to sleep...oh God, I'm such a sucker!!!
So, decision made (don't tell Bill...I have to break the news to him). We need to stop going in there...we need to stop being afraid...we need to stop being desperate for a quick fix (i.e. more sleep) and suck it up. Sleep training is back in effect and now we just have to order 144 cases of coffee!! Please tell me this will go quickly.

Also, has anyone read the Happiest Baby on the Block for Twins? I'm curious to see if it's worth buying. Are my kids too old for it? Should I just get off my ass and go into a book store to find out for myself?, I'd rather rely on other people to tell me what to do since I'm too damn tired to make a decision!!!

Update: After a night like last night, my kids will decide to sleep until 8AM when I've been up injecting myself with coffee since 5:57 - thanks a lot little ones!!!!